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Tennis Academy

Your child will experience Wimbledon-style grass court tennis and develop their techniques and play tactics to enhance their game.
Tennis Academy

Improve your game.

The UK is home to the famous annual Wimbledon Championship – where better for your child to learn and experience Wimbledon-style grass court tennis?

On our Tennis Academy, your child will enhance their technique through professional tennis tuition by a qualified Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) coach who has experience working with all ages and abilities.

Students will also play on a range of other surfaces, working on their forehand, backhand, volley shots and serves, and will get to apply their new skills in regular games. At the end of their course, they will take part in a Wimbledon-style tennis tournament on the grass courts at Bell The Leys.

Certificates and prizes will be awarded to the students at an end-of-tournament presentation.


Bell The Leys
Hard course, astro-turf and grass courts
18 hours by an LTA qualified coach
Minimum age
Minimum language level
Staff:student ratio
Academy length
2 weeks
Academy fee
£95 per one week course

Learning outcomes

  • Learn, practise and improve a range of ball control and positioning skills such as serves, forehand, backhand and volleys
  • Develop your understanding of different tactics on difference surfaces
  • Learn specialist vocabulary and useful phrases for playing and talking about tennis

What do you need?

We advise that your child bring their own tennis racket, to optimise their long-term learning. However, Bell can provide equipment if needed.

Students should pack multi-surface trainers, while tennis clothing, and and a suitable jacket.


Tennis Academy