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Turn your child's greatest ambitions and interests into future opportunities, just by studying the subject they love.
Students working together on a business project


We firmly believe that students who succeed are the ones who are driven to keep learning.

Studying a subject you love is a valuable way to fast-track the kind of knowledge and experience that could boost your child’s chances of success in learning, life and work.

Honing their language skills and subject-level knowledge is a great start. But we will ensure your child also develops their essential 21st century life skills, giving them maximum agility and breadth of knowledge to be flexible in an ever-changing world (and job market).

That is why our career-focused young learner programmes are expertly-designed to strengthen your subject-level and employability skills, while also developing their English language confidence and fluency.


Business challenge

Young Business Leaders
Bell Wellington

  • Business-focused language and fluency development
  • Industry knowledge of business and entrepreneurship
  • Run a real business for the Bell Business Challenge

  • Take the Linguaskills exam, awarded by Cambridge Assessment English


On all our young learner programmes, we place caps on class sizes to allow us to focus on developing your child as an individual.

Whatever your choice in course, we will ensure your child has a clear study plan – based on their strengths, language level and performance.

Courses to explore

Student delivering business plan presentation

Young Business Leaders

5 July - 15 August 2023
  • Gain business-specific knowledge and language
  • Develop an entrepreneurial business plan
  • Residential on-campus experience

Summer Explorer

4 June - 19 August 2023
1 - 11 weeks
  • Improve vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar
  • Develop essential 21st century life skills
  • Safe and supportive learning environment
  • Activate your learning inside and outside the classroom
Student learning about snow at Winter Explorer

Winter Explorer

8 January - 18 February 2023
  • Improve vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar
  • Develop essential 21st century life skills
  • Residential on-campus experience
  • Visit Edinburgh on a 3-day weekend trip