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Online Stars Academy

Get ready for online stardom and delve into the exciting world of digital media and informative vlogging.
Online Stars Academy at Winter Explorer
Online stars Academy

Learn to influence

Unpack the exciting world of digital media and informative vlogging. This brand new one-week Academy will engage students in real-world skills while providing plenty of opportunity to practise their written, oral and spoken English as they plan, design and create their own digital content.

Analyse some of the techniques employed by the most prolific and successful YouTubers and bloggers, and apply these into delivery.

A strong part of this Academy is developing more awareness around staying safe online as students learn new tips and techniques for developing a more noticeable social media presence.


Bell St Albans
9 hours by a qualified tutor
Minimum age
Minimum language level
Staff:student ratio
Academy length
1 week
Academy fee
£105 per course

Learning outcomes

  • Learn essential habits and techniques for keeping themselves and others safe online
  • Increase their awareness and knowledge of digital marketing techniques and strategies
  • Learn how to plan for the creation of consistent high-quality content
  • Develop language skills, including vocabulary and functional phrases, pronunciation and intonation, and expressing opinions

What do you need?

Students will not need to bring specific equipment, but are encouraged to have a working smartphone.