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Global Diplomacy Academy

Unpack a world of debate and negotiation in this brand new Academy, and enhance those powers of persuasion and influence.
Global Diplomacy Academy at Winter Explorer
Global Diplomacy Academy

Learn to lead change

Learn the powers of persuasion and influence in this brand new two-week Academy. Students will develop their confidence in effectively presenting their views and opinions in English and stimulate discussion and debate with other like-minded students.

Students will delve into topics they are most passionate about to write and deliver speeches, take part in impromptu debates, prepare and deliver presentation and answer challenging questions from the audience.

This Academy is guaranteed to stimulate critical thinking and an ability to reflect on alternative perspectives and thinking – exceptional qualities to develop in a next generation leader.


Bell St Albans
18 hours by a qualified tutor
Minimum age
Minimum language level
Staff:student ratio
Academy length
2 weeks
Academy fee
£205 per course

Learning outcomes

  • Employ critical thinking skills to analyse and discuss global issues relating to current affairs
  • Deepen their understanding of cultural differences and develop mediation skills
  • Develop collaboration and communication skills to make collective decisions
  • Improve confidence and independence as a learner
  • Develop language skills, including natural intonation, persuasive speech, and widening breadth of vocabulary

What do you need?

Students will not need to bring specific equipment.

We do ask for students to bring smart clothing with them to wear during their debate, involving a panel of judges.