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Train for your Delta

Through distance learning (online) or a face-to-face course, gain the most highly-regarded, advanced level teaching qualification with Bell.

Book all three Delta modules with Bell and get £200 off or alternatively pay in 9 monthly instalments

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What is a Delta?

The Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is the highest level practical teaching qualification for English language teachers. It is an internationally-recognised, highly-respected qualification and considered a benchmark for quality.

The Delta combines theoretical understanding with practical application, encouraging you to reflect on your teaching experience, challenge perspectives, and apply new thinking in real-life contexts. Ultimately you will gain a robust and comprehensive understanding of English language teaching to improve your professional practice.

Ways to take Delta

This fully flexible programme allows you to study each module around your own commitments, and at your own pace. You can work through modules in any order, but we recommend you start with Module One as this is a natural starting point due to its theoretical content.

At Bell, you have the choice between taking taking face-to-face and distance learning modules (or a combination of both).


Pathway to A.R.U.

Complete your Delta qualification with Bell and get 60 credits towards an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL with Anglia Ruskin University

Students who have successfully completed our Delta programme at Bell can proceed to A.R.U. to study their MA in Applied Lingustics and TESOL. Students taking this route will be awarded a 60 credits exemption on their MA programme, waiving the requirement to complete the ‘Materials and Course Design’, as well as the ‘Classroom Theory and Practice’ modules. This exemption will reduce the tuition fee for the full MA and may reduce the length of time needed to complete the degree. Contact us for more information.

Chris UK
I was fairly experienced when I started but I realised that an experienced teacher is not the same as an expert teacher. So much of what I learned on the course still influences my teaching today.
Emily UK
Studying for the DELTA online is great because it gives you the freedom and flexibility to fit the reading around other commitments.
Ksenia Russia
I believe the online course was perfect for me as it allowed me to combine my studies with other commitments. Thanks to the work of my Online Personal Tutor (OPT) I received all the necessary support and help, despite it not being face-to-face.

Understanding the modules

Why train at Bell?

  • Personal 1-to-1 feedback

    We know that personal, direct feedback is critical to your growth and improvement.

    We ensure you are aware of your personal successes and strengths, and can identify areas for further development so you have a clear path for growth and action moving forward. Whether you’re taking our course online or face-to-face, you will always receive personal 1-to-1 feedback from our tutors.

  • Highly-experienced Delta tutors

    Your tutors have decades of experience as Delta tutors and assessors, so they know exactly what skills and techniques you need to develop to become an advanced practitioner.

    They are also highly skilled in identifying your strengths and areas for you to focus development, ensuring your individual teaching and teaching style responds to your personal learning capabilities.

  • A leading English language school in the UK

    If you study any of your modules as face-to-face, you will learn and observe from some of the best teachers and teacher trainers in the field. We are ranked in the top 2% of English language schools in the UK, as published in the EL Gazette 2019, which is based on our latest British Council inspection.

    Our latest Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) report also rated our teaching as ‘excellent and results in high levels of student progress.’

  • Forefront of classroom research

    We are continually innovating at Bell. With the support of our academic team, our teachers identify new trends or challenges to investigate through classroom research. Our findings inform new strategies in our everyday teaching.

    We’re proud that our research is often published and recognised internationally, and ultimately we’re excited to share this fresh, new thinking with our teacher trainees at Bell.

  • Discounted rates or payment plans

    You will receive a £200 discount when you book any combination (face-to-face or distance learning online) of the three modules, in advance.

    Payments plans are now available to Delta trainees. You can now set up monthly instalment payments (across 9 months) to help you stagger payments for all three modules.

    Note: discounted rates are not available for payment plan option.

Find your course

Girl smiling

Delta Module 1

4 September - 1 December 2023
  • Learn teaching approaches and methodologies
  • Language systems and learners' linguistic issues
  • Evaluate resources, materials and references
  • Experienced 1-to-1 tutor feedback and support
Teacher giving class

Delta Module 2

29 August - 1 December 2023
  • Develop your professional teaching practice
  • Preparing inclusive lessons at different levels
  • Manage and support learning to maximise impact
  • Observation and evaluation of teaching
  • Experienced 1-to-1 tutor feedback and support
Adults having class

Delta Module 3

4 September - 24 November 2023
(or start any Monday)
  • Extend your practice and ELT specialism
  • Focus on syllabus design, testing and assessment
  • Needs analysis and diagnostic testing
  • Experienced 1-to-1 tutor feedback and support