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Sales and admissions

Bell is the sum of smart, talented and incredibly passionate people.

Meet the team responsible for making transformational student learning experiences possible.

Isobel Clarke

Head of Latin America and MENA

A fluent Spanish speaker, Isobel oversees our business development across Latin America, Middle East and North Africa.

Maria Pia Salcito

Head of Europe

Maria Pia (or 'MP' as she likes to be known) oversees our Europe market. With nearly 18 years at Bell, she has become well renowned in the industry.

Guilherme Ferreira

Sales Executive - Europe

Joining the team in 2019, Guilherme brings extensive sales experience within the industry. Fluent in Spanish, Portugeuse and English, he now working alongside our Europe sales team.

Sabrina Demicheli

Sales Executive - Europe

An Italian speaker, Sabrina joined us in 2018 with extensive experience in the industry. She works to support students and partners based in Europe, including Russia.

Oliver Opitz

Head of Asia

Oliver looks advises students and supports clients across the Asian continent, having over 11 years of experience in the EFL sector.

Vivian Luan

Sales Executive - China

Currently on maternity leave from early 2020, Vivian helps to look after our students and partners in China, having already supported in-country delivery.

Yao Zhou

Sales Executive - Asia

Calling on her experience as an international Bell student in 2010, Yao now supports students and partners in Asia in her role as Sales Executive. She is fluent in Chinese and English.

Laura Cunnington

Marketing Executive

With a good grasp of Spanish and fluent in English, Laura joined Bell in 2017. She now supports the Marketing team at Bell.

Anisah Sheikh

Admissions Team Leader

Anisah joined Bell in 2017 as an Admission Executive, based in Cambridge. She now oversees the entire Admissions operation, offering admissions and customer support.

Tatiana Nifli

Admissions Executive

Joining the Admissions team in 2018, Tatiana speaks multiple languages fluently, including Russian, Greek, Spanish and English.

Ni Li

Admissions Executive

Having joined the team in 2018, Ni helps to support students and partners across the world as part of our Admissions team. She is bilingual and able to speak English and Chinese fluently.

Yang Rong Kell

Admissions Executive

A Chinese speaker, Yang Rong has been working with Bell for over two decades. She works part time at Bell to help provide excellent customer support to our students.