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We recently welcomed the new class of University Foundation students to Bell and the city of Cambridge. To help them get to know their new home, we took the students on a tour of the city.
How did coffee drinking become so popular and when did it begin? Read the article to find out, and put the verbs into the correct place in the text.
Inspired by the popular British TV programme, The Great British Bake Off, we had a baking competition with our keen students.
We recently travelled to Oxford, one of the UK’s most historic and famous cities, world-famous for its university. Read about our trip discovering the history of the city and the university's famous alumni.
In class we recently discussed harvest time and harvest festivals in our different countries. Read more and learn some essential IELTS vocabulary.
Did you know that the English language borrows words from other languages and then makes them into ‘English’ words? This is a process that has taken place for centuries with words coming from languages all over the world.

This summer we caught up with Louis, a Bell University Foundation Programme graduate from Belgium, who is now studying at the University of Reading. Louis visited his former school, Bell Cambridge, to say hello to his tutors and tell us what it’s like to study at university in the UK.

Our Tea, Cake and Conversation club is always a popular choice with our students! We discuss our opinions on a range of subjects and current affairs, all while indulging in some traditional British tea and cake.
The IELTS reading test can be on any subject from the history of bridges to grizzly bears. Prepare by reading as widely as possible and completing our IELTS reading exercises.
Bell is a place that people come back to. Meet Eduardo from Brazil who studied at Bell Cambridge in 1996.