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It's now October and Autumn is here. Here in Cambridge there are many events for students to go to in the Autumn and one of them is Apple Day. What is Apple Day?

Our Director of Studies reveals the creative and fun ways our St Albans students are practising their English and preparing for Friday's presentations and Halloween Festival. 

For all students on academic English courses, it's important to write every day as it practises and improves your writing skills. Why don't you try to keep a language learning journal yourself? The 5 tips in this article will help you to succeed.

Bell is excited to be part of the Shakespeare Lives campaign, a joint venture between English UK and the British Council which celebrates the live and work of William Shakespeare, and his influence on the English language.

Arrivals day at Bell St Albans, as students from all over the world come to join our Autumn English Explorer course.

Idioms are an example of informal language used by native English speakers. Learn some idioms that are related to parts of the body.
Our students got to know each other over some competitive bowling on Friday afternoon.

A previous blog post was about the history of coffee, and this reading is about a change that might be coming to the coffee shops where you get your regular fix of caffeine.

The verb 'put' is used in many different phrases in the English language. Learn some of these phrases in our reading activity.

This year’s Masters Preparation Programme has begun and this week we were talking about leaders and leadership. This is because some of our students are going to apply for postgraduate studies in business and, of course, leadership is a major topic in this field of study.