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Life on a Young Business Leaders course

Ulyana from Russia, a student on our Young Business Leaders course talks about her experience.

These three weeks were insane. Insanely difficult, stressful, but useful for me. We were pushing ourselves to the limit trying to do our best. Nevertheless, it was a truly incredible experience. I am not talking about meeting people from all around the world because it's pretty obvious when talking about camps, but I'm talking about collecting the knowledge and experience from different people.

Once, during the business lessons, we were watching an interview with a founder of "Virgin Group", and when he was asked about the advice he would give to people who want to run their businesses, he advised to cooperate and just talk more to people who are more intelligent than you are in some fields so you can benefit from this cooperation. And even though he was addressing businessmen, it's undeniable that this advice can be applied to everyday life as well. And it was exactly what I was doing for these three weeks. Gaining the experience from people who were, for the reason of age or awareness, smarter than me. And I benefited from it for sure.

On my way back home I was sitting in the cab thinking if the money my parents have spent on this course was worth it. And I concluded that it was. Not because of the new vocabulary and skills related to business I’ve learned, but because of the people I got the chance to talk to.

From one hand I’ve developed my speaking and writing skills by working with people for whom English is almost a native language, which was, of course, pleasant to me. But from another hand, I’ve become a slightly different person. I’ve learned how to be more confident; how not to be afraid or doing things wrong; how to be a better person, by learning from other peoples examples.

And I just wanted to say thank you to people, who changed me. In a good way. Thank you Bell English for giving me this amazing opportunity.

I hope we made Frank Bell's dream come true.

With thanks to Ulyana for her permission to publish this blog.

Young Business Leaders runs at Wellington College for three weeks in July and August. For those ages 14-17 years, the course teaches language for business and valuable practical business skills. Students will also set up their own businesses and compete in the Bell Business Challenge, as well as enjoying business-themed study tours and a range of activities.