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Great British weather!

Everyone knows the British love to talk about the weather. And if you have ever visited Britain you will know why.

You might wake up to a sunny morning but feel that the air is cold. By lunchtime, however, it is warm and sunny. But then by mid-afternoon it is raining, possibly with thunder and lightning!

Should you carry a sweater? An umbrella? Sunglasses? Best to take them all – that’s what most Brits do!

Because the British weather is so changeable there’s always lots to talk about. That’s why it’s traditional to start conversations with strangers by talking about the weather. Imagine this: you are waiting for a bus next to a friendly person. They smile at you and say ‘Lovely weather we’re having.’ What would you say? Well, how about talking about the weather too?!

There are also many idioms based on the weather. How many of these have you heard?




Under the weather

He's feeling under the weather

Sick or depressed

Snowed under

She's snowed under with work


A face like thunder

He has a face like thunder

An angry face

Every cloud has a silver lining

Don't worry about it, every cloud has a silver lining

Every bad situation has a good point

On cloud nine

She was on cloud nine after passing her test

Very happy

Fair weather friend

You can't trust him, he's a fair weather friend

Only a friend in good times

It never rains but it pours


Bad things all happen at the same time

Weather the storm

The economic situation is bad but I think we will weather the storm

Survive a bad situation

The heavens opened

The heavens opened just as we started to play football

It started to rain very heavily

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