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Bell's new Learning Management System

Bell’s new Learning Management System (Bell Online) is an exciting new development for Bell's adult students at Cambridge and London, giving them access to a whole range of resources before, during and after their course, as well as a single place to go to for every aspect of their stay at Bell.

Bell Online allows students to start studying with Bell before they leave their home country. Once they have confirmed their booking, log in details will automatically be sent to their email address (therefore, students must ensure we hold an email address for them). When they log in, the system will guide students through a series of simple steps, and ask them to complete an English test. It will use their answers to select a range of language development activities suitable for their level based on the questions they answered incorrectly on the test. They will also have access to a range of other study activities, including weekly lessons based on topical new stories.

When students arrive in the UK, they will find Bell Online has all the information they need to help them settle in. Information on their accommodation, a map showing them how to get to the school, and local information such as bus maps will be at their fingertips. Bell Online is mobile adaptive, and is perfect for use on smartphones.

Once in school, students can use Bell Online to book activities on our free Language in Action Programme, view their attendance, see the weekly plan from their teachers and complete homework.  All the information we explain on their first day will also be there for them to review later, as will their timetable. As they make progress, all the data on how their English is improving will be recorded, and this will feed into progress reports that can be shared with parents or sponsors

At Bell, students have bi-weekly one-to-one tutorials with their main teacher, and the suggestions the teacher makes for further improvement will be recorded and monitored in the online Learning Journal. Students will be set clear, specific, achievable objectives each week based on their unique needs and our expertise of what study activities result in the best learning outcomes.

Finally, students will be able to look back at their learner journey, and will be set further online study for when they get home, based on their final English level and the areas they still need to work on. Students will retain free access to Bell Online for up to three months.

The introduction of Bell Online is an important element of Bell’s Digital Strategy, which is to empower its learners to engage in digital learning opportunities in order to enhance learning outcomes, develop 21st century learning skills and become better, more independent learners.


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