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Autumn English Explorer arrivals

Arrivals day at Bell St Albans, as students from all over the world come to join our Autumn English Explorer course.

For some of the students arriving it was their first time visiting another country alone so it is incredibly important to make sure that every single student feels cared for and welcomed from the moment they step foot through the door.

After the students have been registered (and have been given the all-important Wi-Fi code!), they are shown to their rooms and given time to unpack. Once they have unpacked, they are given the choice of a variety of activities, today, we had the option of football, art, watching an English film or playing table tennis. This is always a good time for students to meet each other and begin to settle in to their time here at Bell.

The Florimont students, a school group from Switzerland, were out on a trip to Cambridge for the day where they got to see the historic university city and go punting along its picturesque rivers.

In the evening, all of the students from both the Autumn Explorer course and the Florimont students took part in the activity ‘icebreakers’. This involved various games such as ‘Get to know you Bingo’, where students are given a sheet of paper with various phrases on it, such as ‘Find someone who can speak more than three languages’ or ‘Find someone who has been to New York’. They have to find as many people as possible that fit the description.

This gave all the students a chance to meet the new students who had arrived that day and make some new friends. The activity went down well with students bragging to myself and other staff about how many new friends they had made!

Lily, the girls houseparent who has worked with Bell for many years, said: "The arrivals process was incredibly smooth and it was great to meet all of the new students who will be spending the next week or more with us!”

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Bell St Albans Autumn 2016
Arrivals day at Bell St Albans, October 2016
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