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5 reasons to choose a Cambridge English Qualification

Finding it hard to decide which exam course to take? Here we give you an overview of the internationally-recognised Cambridge English Qualifications.

As you develop your English skills, it’s natural to want to prove your abilities, particularly if you are learning the language to progress to university or enhance your career. At Bell Cambridge, in addition to IELTS, we offer two Cambridge English Qualifications: B2 First (FCE) and C1 Advanced (CAE). Here are some reasons to choose these examinations:

1) Cambridge exams are internationally-recognised

Cambridge Assessment English logo

Cambridge English Qualifications are provided by Cambridge Assessment English, part of the world-famous University of Cambridge. They are recognised by over 20,000 universities, employers and governments around the world. They can help you improve your career or access higher education. 100% of UK universities accept Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) as proof of a student’s language ability.

2) Cambridge exams improve your everyday English

The Cambridge exam preparation courses focus on real-life English suitable for life, work and study. Cambridge B2 First (FCE) demonstrates that you have the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country or to study on courses taught in English. Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) proves that you have the ability to carry out complex research and communicate effectively at a professional level. Both exams are also fun to prepare for with lots of opportunities to practice your skills.

Students at Bell in a Cambridge exam preparation class

3) Cambridge exams give you a goal to work towards

Preparing for an exam helps challenges you to improve your English. You will improve your confidence, develop your grammar and vocabulary and learn to voice your opinions and share ideas in a variety of different contexts. Passing the exam and achieving a Cambridge English Qualification helps you track your language level and gives you motivation to keep learning and improving your skills.

4) Cambridge exams can be studied over 5 or 10 weeks

At Bell, we offer students two options of course length to suit their needs. Our Cambridge B2 First (FCE) fast-track and Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) fast-track courses give students 25 hours a week of intensive language tuition to prepare for the exam and run from June to July. Exam fees are included with this course.

5) Cambridge exams last forever

Cambridge English Qualifications

All Cambridge English Qualifications are lifelong certificates. They don’t have an expiry date. If you pass the exam, you hold the qualification forever.

If you want to know more about life on a Cambridge exam preparation course, read Astrid and Sophia’s story on our blog. And if you’re preparing to take an exam this April, follow Bell’s top exam tips to ensure your success.