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Boarding house dormitory-style accommodation in the this historic building offers a comfortable space while you study at Bell Royal Masonic School


Feel at home at Bell Royal Masonic SchoolA full residential experience

We want to make sure your child has everything they need to maximise their potential for success at Bell. Boys and girls have separate accommodation blocks on site, each with a dedicated houseparent to ensure 24/7 supervision and care throughout their time at Bell.



Bedrooms and bathrooms

Accommodation is separate for boys and girls. Bedrooms are shared rooms and include beds, wardrobe, desk and a chair. Where possible, we mix nationalities in bedrooms, so students are encouraged to practise their English and learn more about another culture.

Access to bathrooms are also separate for boys and girls. There are shared showers and toilet facilities, which are situated at strategic points throughout the accommodation.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are cleaned with fresh bed linen provided weekly. Students are responsible for making sure their room is tidy and will have regular room inspections. There is a free laundry service for machine washable clothes once a week.

Please note: towels and hair dryers are not provided. 

Bell St Albans


To ensured the highest level of safeguarding, there is a dedicated houseparent for each accommodation block, who is responsible for the care and welfare of students outside of the classroom.

All students will attend a daily house meeting led by their houseparent where they will have the opportunity to discuss what they have achieved and share any concerns.



Nutritious meals

Students are offered a choice of nutritious food at each mealtime; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every menu includes a selection of hot and cold items including fresh fruit and vegetables. Packed lunches are provided on study tours.

Snacks are available during break times and at each evening house meeting. If your child has a dietary requirement associated to an allergy, please let us know so we can accommodate this.


Nutritious food for young learners

Bell Royal Masonic School

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