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Travel information

Our level of student care starts from the moment your child lands in the UK, setting the standard for their Bell young learner experience. Read our guide below to learn more about our travel procedures.

A warm welcome

Your child will attend a welcome meeting to learn about the school, meet the staff and other students. Bell Ambassadors, who are already familiar with the school, will be available to help new students settle in. We will ensure students have everything they need to feel safe and comfortable.

Airport transfers

Return transfers are included in your course package fee, from designated airports and within scheduled arrival and departure times. Free shuttles will be available for arrivals and departures between 10am and 6pm (depending on student travel requirements.

Any student travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor is subject to an additional £50 fee (per single journey).

Transfers are available from:

Students studying at St Albans:

  • London Heathrow  47 km  
  • London Luton  27 km
  • Ebbsfleet Eurostar  28 km

Students studying at Wellington:

  • London Gatwick  71 km
  • London Heathrow  49 km

Students at The Leys:

  • London Stansted  44 km
  • London Heathrow  89 km

Custom transfers also available for other dates and/or arrival points, contact us for more details.

Arrival details for each student must be sent to Bell at least 10 working days before the start of the course to guarantee an airport transfer. Please notify us at least 7 working days if there are any changes to your departure date.

Our online travel form

Submit your flight details using our online travel form as early as possible, so we know which airport your child will arrive at and what time they will be there.

Our online travel form

Free transfers are provided on arrival and departure days to and from selected airports (subject to timings). Contact our support team on or call  0044 1223 275 598 for full details of transfers costs, including arriving or departing on a different course day and a different UK airport.

Unaccompanied minor service

A young student travelling alone can be registered with the airline as an Unaccompanied Minor. Contact the airline to arrange this service.

The airline will then take special responsibility for your student during the flight and personally take your child to our Bell representatives on arrival.

We recommend that all students under the age of 15 are registered as unaccompanied minors.

Please note that students need to be registered separately for both outward and return flights with the airline. Airlines usually charge for this service, and you will have to pay these fees in advance when you register with the airline. Bell representatives are unable to register students as unaccompanied minors and cannot pay any fees for this service on your behalf.

Not all airlines offer this service, so check availability before booking. Please notify Bell if you have booked your child as an Unaccompanied Minor.


Travel checklist

Before you leave home, check that your child has:

  • Flight or train tickets
  • A valid passport or ID for travel (and visa if required)
  • Bell booking confirmation (plus proof of payment if required)
  • Letter of Authorisation to travel completed and signed by parent/guardian
  • Bell travel confirmation with arrival and departure procedures checklist
  • The phone number +44 (0)7885 559618 saved on their phone under Bell, in case of emergency during their travel.

Step by step arrivals guide

On arrival in the UK, your child should:

1. Go through Immigration and collect their luggage from the Baggage Hall.

2. Go through Customs.

3. Go to the Arrivals Hall where the Bell representative will be waiting at the barrier with a Bell sign, Bell ID card, and often also wearing a bright coral shirt with a Bell logo.

4. Wear a Bell student luggage label so that our Bell representatives can spot them easily.

5. Register with the Bell representative.

Bell representatives meet all students at the Arrivals Gate. They will be carrying a Bell sign and an ID card.

Please contact Bell on 0044 7885 559 618 with any late changes to travel (delayed, cancelled or diverted flights) so that we can still meet your child.

Staff will encourage all students to telephone home upon arrival at the school.

If your child can not see the Bell representative at the Arrivals Gate, they should:

1. Wait up to 15 minutes at the barrier in the arrivals hall.

2. Then go to the Information Desk nearby and ask: ‘Please can you ask the Bell representative to come to the Information Desk?’

2. Wait at the Information Desk for a Bell representative to come to meet them.

3. In case of emergency, telephone Bell on 0044 7885 559 618 (please ensure your child has this number with them when they travel).

Your child should only leave the airport with a Bell representative.

What to do if your child's flight is delayed

If there are any late changes to your child's travel arrangements (delayed, cancelled or diverted flights), please let us know so that we can still arrange to meet them.

Please contact us on 0044 7885 559 618.

Flying back home

On departure, every child is escorted to the check-in desk in time for their flight.

1. Flight tickets and passports will be returned to your child at the end of their course.

2. Your child will travel to the airport by coach or taxi.

3. A Bell representative will help your child to check in with the airline, where they are given the departure gate number.

4. A Bell representative will then take your child to the entrance of the departure lounge.

Please note: Bell representatives are not allowed to go through into the departure lounge.

5. Your child must then make their own way to the departure gate and wait to board the plane

If your child is travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor, a Bell representative will take them to meet the airline staff, who will then take care of them during the flight.

The Unaccompanied Minor service is provided by the airline, so you need to contact them to arrange this. Not all airlines offer this service, so check availability before booking.

If you are bringing your child to Bell yourself

Please inform Bell if you will be bringing your child directly to the school. The addresses for our young learner schools are below:

St Albans

Shenley Lane
London Colney
St Albans

The Leys School, Cambridge

The Leys School 

Wellington College, Berkshire

Wellington College
Duke's Ride
West Berkshire
RG45 7PU


Contact information

Before the course starts:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 275598

For travel related enquiries:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 275598

During the course:

St Albans

Course Office: 0044 7850 604844
Emergency Contact: 0044 7730 985859

The Leys School, Cambridge

Course Office: 0044 7714 133 977
Emergency Contact: 0044 7848 456055

Wellington College, Berkshire

Course Office: 0044 7824 709 050
Emergency Contact: 0044 7848 456 056

Arrival and departure days

If there are any late changes to your child's travel arrangements (delayed, cancelled or diverted flights), please contact +44 (0) 7885 559618 (this number is for travel purposes only).