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5 TED talks to watch before starting your language course

At Bell, we are dedicated language enthusiasts. It’s a passion. So here are a few suggested talks to get you feeling motivated, energised and 'ready to go'. 

1. Understand that language will open doors for you

Why should anyone learn a new language? According to John McWhorter (and we agree), there are 4 amazing reasons:

  • To understand other cultures and experience it for yourself
  • Because bilingualism is physically healthy for you (…who knew?)
  • It’s fun
  • And in this digital age, it has never been easier to learn one

10 MIN


2. Find fun ways of learning the language

There are no geniuses when it comes to language. And there are no shortcuts to learning languages either. But whatever process you do try – make sure it’s a process you enjoy. Turn language learning from a boring school subject into something you don’t mind doing every day.

11 MIN


3. Learn and improve... always

Learning a language can be challenging. You’re learning something new and it can sometimes feel difficult. Don’t be discouraged by the mistakes you will make along the way. Learn from them, improve, and you will grow to be even smarter because of it. 

10 MIN


4. Strike a power pose

Our body language is just as important when it comes to communication. What is your body language communicating to people? More importantly, what does your body language communicate to yourself?

Learning a new language can sometimes be challenging. Or sometimes people find the idea of studying abroad scary (at first). Trust yourself enough to know you’ll do great. Be confident that you will succeed.

And if you ever find yourself needing an extra boost of confidence, pull your ‘power pose.’

20 MIN


5. Language shapes the way we think

Did you know that speakers of different languages think differently? When learning a new language you will start to discover different ways this happens. How does your language effect the way that you think?

14 MIN