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  • What is happening with summer 2020 courses?

    As we want to ensure the safety of our student while also offer the best learning experience, we have made the decision to cancel our Young Learner and Bell Teacher Academy summer programmes this year, as well as all adult courses until 3 August 2020.. All students affected will automatically be issued an 18-month credit so they can rearrange their studies when the time is right for them.

  • When is Bell planning to reopen?

    With the UK easing out of lockdown, we are preparing to reopen our doors and welcome students back for face-to-face lessons.

    Starting with our adult courses at Bell Cambridge from 3 August 2020 and then Bell London from 1 September 2020, we will be slowly phasing in face-to-face lessons to ensure we reopen responsibly and take extra steps to help keep our students safe.

  • Will the restaurant at Bell Cambridge be open for students?

    Yes. Our in-house restaurant will be open for students to buy food. Our catering team will operate with recommended health guidelines.

  • Would students be able to sit their IELTS exams?

    Yes! IELTS exams are resuming from July 2020 in the UK, including in Cambridge.



  • Is there still a Language in Action programme?

    Yes. We feel the Language in Action programme is an integral part of the language learning process, which is why we offer it for free.

    The programme will look a little different than it does usually, to take in to account safety measures like social distancing.

    View sample timetable at Bell Cambridge

Safety measures

  • Will students be safe?

    To keep everyone as safe as possible, we will be following the latest UK guidelines, and have also taken guidance from English UK and independent Health and Safety advisors. The most important measures we have in place are regular cleaning, regular hand washing/sanitisation, and social distancing.

  • What are the latest rules in the UK?

    For the latest advice and guidance related to staying safe in the UK, please consult government advice here.

    Students can socialise indoors in groups of more than two separate dorm rooms / households – this includes when dining out or going to the pub. You are able to socialise outdoors in a group of more than six people from different dorm rooms or households.

    If you need to travel, you should try to walk or cycle where possible. If this is not possible, you can use public transport or drive. If you use public transport, you must wear a face covering and you should follow the safer travel guidance for passengers.

  • Will students be asked to wear face masks?

    Students are required to wear a mask in all areas of the school, except when eating and drinking in the dining room. Masks are not required when enjoying the outdoor grounds at Bell, but they are required to maintain 2-metre social distancing.

    Please also note that in the UK – from Friday 24 July 2020 – face coverings must be worn in shops, supermarkets, hospitals and on public transport.

  • What measures have been implemented at Bell Cambridge?

    Every student will receive an induction on their first day, to make sure they understand how everything works at Bell and in the UK.

    You will find the following measures in place at Bell Cambridge:

    • Communal areas and touch points will be sanitised twice daily.
    • Hand gel stations will be located around the school and outside every classroom. They will be asked to use hand gel before entering class and before they leave.
    • In classrooms, they will be seated 2 metres apart. Therefore, masks are not required in class. They can wear one if they wish but may find it uncomfortable to wear for long periods, especially during speaking exercises.
    • Students will be in the same class, with the same teacher all day and will have their own desk and chair.
    • Students will need to wear a mask in all other areas of the school building, except when eating in the dining room. Seating in the dining room is arranged so that they are 2 metres apart from others but can still have conversations over lunch with their friends.
    • Masks will not be required outdoors in the grounds of Bell, but they should maintain 2 metre social distancing.
  • If a student becomes unwell, what support is available to them?

    If a students becomes unwell, they will have to be quarantined in their room at the residence. Our team will guide them through this process and supply meals to their room. If their condition requires medical care, we will assist in the communications to make this happen. Unfortunately, due to strict procedures at our hospitals, we will be unable to visit a student if they are admitted to hospital.

  • How will we enforce social distancing?

    There will be prominent reminders of 2 metre distancing across the school grounds and social distancing rules will be clearly communicated at each student’s induction.

    We expect our students to be responsible, respectful and considerate at all times – particularly with regard to social distancing.


  • What accommodation is available during reopening?

    Where possible, we will be limiting accommodation to residences only. The only exception to this is for under 18s who require additional supervision.

    We will be offering under 18s homestay as usual (subject to availability). If all homestay providers are booked, we will offer a designated under-18 residence which will have extra supervision in place.

  • How often will residences be cleaned?

    All public areas in residences will be professionally cleaned on a daily basis. Individual student rooms will be cleaned on a weekly basis.

  • If quarantine measures are in place, where would I quarantine?

    We will have a designated quarantine residence at Bell Cambridge, with fortnightly intake starting 3 August 2020. If quarantine measures are still required by 1 September 2020 at Bell London, we may need to transfer affected students to Bell Cambridge to study and stay in our designated Cambridge residence.

  • What happens if I need to quarantine?

    For the latest Government advice and guidance regarding quarantine measures, please visit official guidance here.

    ArrivalWhen you arrive in the UK, you will not be allowed to leave the place where you’re staying for the first 14 days you’re in the UK (known as ‘self-isolating’) unless you are arriving from an exempt country. Please view the list of exempt countries here.

    Before your arrival in the UK, you must complete a passenger locator form. You will need to show your completed form when you arrive at the UK border, either by printing a copy, or showing it on your phone. The government will use this information to contact you if you or someone you’ve travelled with develops coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms. If you need to self-isolate for the first 14 days after you arrive in the UK, the government will also use the information to check that you are self-isolating. You may be fined up to £100 if you refuse to provide your contact details, or more if you break this rule more than once.

    Getting to the schoolWhen you arrive in the UK, go straight to the place you’re staying. Bell can organise a private airport transfer to take you straight to the school. Our transfer providers are fitted with plastic screens dividing passengers from the driver, and provide the most social distanced option. Please contact our Customer Support Team if you would like this arranged – additional costs will apply.

    Only use public transport if you have no other option. If you do use public transport, wear something that covers your nose and mouth and stay 2 metres apart from other people. Pack a face covering or scarf to cover your nose and mouth before you travel.

    Self-isolation at a Bell residenceBell has a designated residence for anyone needing to self-isolate. Once you arrive, you can not use public transport or taxis. You are not allowed to have visitors. Our on-campus restaurant can arrange to cook and deliver lunch to your residence, on request – at usual restaurant prices – and all major supermarkets offer online shopping and home delivery to your accommodation – please see some useful links below:

    You may only leave your accommodation in limited circumstances. These include where:

    • you need urgent medical assistance (or where your doctor has advised you to get medical assistance)
    • you need access to basic necessities like food and medicines, but only in exceptional circumstances such as where you cannot arrange for these to be delivered
    • you need to access critical public services
    • there’s an emergency

    In all cases, you must inform a member of staff that you intend to leave the residence.

  • Is homestay accommodation available for 18+ students?

    Homestay accommodation is not currently available to book for 18+ students until further notice.

Flexible booking

  • Will my student insurance from Bell cover coronavirus?

    The ’emergency medical and other expenses’ section of your student insurance will cover expenses incurred in the unfortunate event that you require medical attention as a result of contracting COVID19 whilst in the UK, and/or being compulsorily quarantined on the orders of a treating medical practitioners whilst on a trip during the period of your student insurance cover. These costs covered extend to any reasonable additional transport, or accommodation expenses incurred, up to the standard of your original booking, if it is medically necessary for you to stay beyond your scheduled return date.

    For more details, view insurance summary

  • If the situation stops me from travelling, what are my options?

    Did you book after 1 June 2020?
    If you booked an adult course after 1 June and before 31 August or a university pathway programme after 1 June and before 31 August, you are able to postpone or cancel your booking up to a week before the course start date – with no charges. If you booked a young learner course after 1 June or before 31 August, you are able to postpone or cancel up to 6 weeks before the course start date – with no charges.

    Did you you book before 1 June 2020?
    If you are unable to travel because of COVID-19, we will postpone your booking to a later date with no charges – as long as you give us at least 2 weeks notice prior to your course start date. You can use your credit for up to 18 months after your original course start date. Please see our coronavirus terms and policies.

How to get in touch

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