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  • Can I get vaccinated in the UK?

    No, the UK vaccine programme is for UK residents only.

  • What are the latest rules in the UK?

    As of the 24th Feb 2022, all legal restrictions regarding COVID-19 in England have been lifted and we are mostly experiencing normal life again.

    We are continually monitoring government advice and public health guidelines at all our schools. For the latest advice and guidance related to staying safe in the UK, please consult government advice here.

  • Can students get a COVID-19 test?

    Students are now able to pre-book a COVID-19 swab test privately at their local Boots chemist. This is a convenient way to have a nose and throat swab test to check for a current COVID-19 infection.

    Simply fill in a registration form, enter your payment details and book your appointment online at your selected Boots store. The test costs £120.

    Click here to register

    Test results will be received within 24-48 hours.

  • Will students be asked to wear face masks?

    According to UK Government advice, masks are not required. However, if a student prefers to wear a mask they are welcome to do so.

Young learners

  • In the case my child tests positive (or has to self-isolate due to a close contact) in the period before travel to the UK and must cancel their trip, will they be covered for the cost of the programme under the insurance?

    Unfortunately there will be no cover under the cancellation section if the student contracts Covid-19 with a positive test before they are due to travel to the UK, or can’t travel for other Covid-related reasons (this is a general exclusion on all travel insurance policies)
    The student must contact the school to discuss cancellation rights or to postpone the course for another date. The cancellation/curtailment section of cover will be in place for other insurable events (i.e. illness, injury or death), however Covid-19 specific events are excluded.

  • If I book now, I can cancel and get a refund up to 4 weeks before the course starts. What happens if my child gets Covid less than 4 weeks before the course starts and has to cancel?

    If you cancel less than 4 weeks before the course starts, you will be entitled to a 50% refund. The remaining 50% will not be covered by Bell insurance. We advise you to take out insurance for pre-departure COVID-19 cover in your own country if you want full protection against cancellation costs.

  • What happens if my child cannot travel because the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) or equivalent government or national authority or the World Health Organisation change their guidance to advise against all travel or all but essential travel?

    In this case, Bell will offer you the choice of a full refund or credit note.

  • In case my child tests positive during their stay and has to stay longer, will they be covered for the expenses (i.e. Staying longer with bell, food, accommodation, staff support etc) and will a group leader be able to remain with them and be covered for expenses under the insurance?

    If your child tests positive for Covid-19 whilst on their trip, the student will be covered for medical assistance including hospital charges and repatriation (This is covered as standard under the Emergency Medical section of cover).

    It is important to know that cover for additional accommodation/travel expenses will only be covered for the student if they contract Covid-19 with a positive test and if they have to stay in the UK beyond their scheduled return date.

    In addition, costs for additional accommodation/travel will also be covered for up to two ‘friends’ (i.e. group leader) or close relatives to remain with the student or to travel to them from their home country and escort them back to their home country (including additional travel expenses to return the student to their home if they are unable to use the return ticket).

  • What happens if my child tests positive for Covid-19 whilst on the trip and needs medical attention?

    They will receive medical treatment at a National Health Service hospital the same as if they were a UK resident. However, they may need to pay for treatment and to claim the cost back from their Bell insurance. Bell will assist with this process.

  • What happens about missed excursions/trips/hotels which have been paid for as part of my child’s package?

    These costs are not covered by Bell insurance. Only accommodation and travel costs relating to their stay beyond their original course date as a result of a positive test are covered.

  • Will Bell help students purchase tests and help them take the tests?

    Parents are responsible for checking the regulations for return travel to their own country and should order an appropriate COVID-19 test from a UK supplier to be delivered to the site their child is studying at.

    The Student Services Director at each site will make sure the child takes the test at the appropriate time and that the child has the result / certificate ready to travel home. The parent will be notified that the test has been returned negative and the child is good to fly home.

  • What is the school’s policy/protocol if my child tests positive?

    The policy is to isolate the student, make sure they are comfortable and supported by staff, inform parents and ETOs as appropriate, and provide 3 meals a day, plus refreshments as required. They will then be tested in line with government requirements and released from quarantine as soon as is allowed by UK law. Bell will liaise with the parents and ETO to rearrange flights.

  • What happens if my child tests positive for Covid-19 whilst on the trip and is unable to return home as planned?

    Bell will arrange accommodation and meals for your child. As detailed above, these costs will be covered by Bell insurance (minus any excess). In most cases your child will stay at the same location. However, Bell cannot guarantee what the accommodation arrangements will be as it will depend upon availability of accommodation at the time. Where a residential centre is closing at the end of summer, alternative accommodation arrangements will be made. For all under 18s, staff will be available on site to support the student who is isolating.

  • If my child gets COVID during their course, will they be able to attend lessons online?

    Yes. This will usually be via Zoom, and students will be able to connect via the Wi-Fi to join lessons on their phones, tablets or other devices.

Flexible booking

  • Will my student insurance from Bell cover coronavirus?

    The ’emergency medical and other expenses’ section of your student insurance will cover expenses incurred in the unfortunate event that you require medical attention as a result of contracting COVID19 whilst in the UK, and/or being compulsorily quarantined on the orders of a treating medical practitioners whilst on a trip during the period of your student insurance cover. These costs covered extend to any reasonable additional transport, or accommodation expenses incurred, up to the standard of your original booking, if it is medically necessary for you to stay beyond your scheduled return date.

    For more details, view insurance summary

  • If the situation stops me from travelling, what are my options?

    Did you book after 1 June 2020?
    If you booked an adult course or a university pathway programme before 31st March 2022, you are able to postpone or cancel your booking up to a week before the course start date – with no charges.

    For all individual young learner bookings for Spring & Summer Explorer 2022 made by Thursday 31 March 2022 – bookings can be postponed or cancelled up to 4 weeks before their course start date. In the case of postponement, we will retain the funds as credit for 18 months.

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