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Create the perfect teacher training experience to develop your teachers.

We use our expertise to design bespoke programmes for ministries, schools and universities across the world.

We have decades of expertise working with teacher groups from all over the world.

Examples of our work

  • Language school, Valencia

    11 trainee teachers a language school in Valencia visited Bell Cambridge for a tailor-made Linguistic Mediation programme.

    Having had an excellent experience at our Bell Teacher Academy summer programme, teachers from a language school in Valencia knew they could rely on Bell designing a high-quality course to develop their teaching skills in facilitating language mediation in the classroom. Though mediation is not a new concept, it is has only recently become a core collection skill in CEFR 2018, and now recognised as a valuable technique with regards to language development. Bell is the only one who delivers this programme.

    Teachers began the course with no deep knowledge or abilities in this area. They not only gained skills in linguistic mediation, ideas for mediating activities and mediating written text, they also developed new concepts and ideas regarding their general teaching methodology and assessment skills.

  • King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

    As part of a four-year project to establish and manage a preparatory year for medical, engineering and science students at King Saud University; Bell trained over 70 teachers to gain internationally-recognised teaching qualifications so that the university were able to independently sustain the project in the future.

    The programme – the world’s largest English language teaching project –  showcased our innovative approach to teaching and learning to inform educational development in the region.

  • Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS), Kazakhstan

    As part of a two-year series of summer camps to improve the language skills of 12-13 year olds at the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) network, we delivered intensive teacher training to enable their teachers to confidently deliver and grow the programme, preparing hundreds of Kazakh students for subject study in English.

    Our teaching approach, included a comprehensive programme of seminars, observations of our internationally-renowned experts, team-teaching sessions and ongoing support and development at an individual level.

  • Udon Thani Rajabhat University, Thailand

    19 trainee teachers from Udon Thani Rajabhat University in Thailand, with two group leaders, visited Bell Cambridge for a teacher training programme designed especially for them.

    The programme was designed to develop their practical teaching techniques and methodologies to improve their overall practice, including classroom management, lesson planning, using learning technology, and syllabus planning. They also had a bespoke programme of activities and trips that would allow them to talk to their own students about British culture.

  • Secondary school, Libya

    We created a bespoke programme for a group of secondary school teachers from Libya, who visited Bell Cambridge to develop their language skills, learn new teaching methodology and prepare for the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT).

    The intensive programme included lectures, workshops, group tasks, lesson observations and individual tutorials, which gave each teacher the opportunity to focus on individual areas for improvement.

  • Cultura Inglesa, Brazil

    At both our Cambridge and London schools, we have delivered a range of teacher development courses to teachers at Cultura Inglesa, an English language teaching institution with over 60 branches across Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Brasilia and beyond.

    We have developed bespoke programmes, like ‘Life in Britain’ designed to develop teachers’ knowledge and awareness of contemporary culture and life in modern Britain, ranging from tourism, media, politics, the Royal Family and law. The beauty of studying in London is that we could build in opportunities to visit significant historical landmarks and cultural destinations to support their learning.

    In Cambridge, we adapted our two-week Enhanced Teaching and Language Skills programme – a dynamic course designed to refresh teaching techniques, update language skills and brush up on British culture.

Option 1
Adapt an existing course 

We deliver teacher training and development courses across all language levels, learning goals and stages of development. All our courses are available to your group. With your preferences and goals in mind, we will adapt these courses and offer you great group rates too.

  • Internationally-recognised teaching qualificationsGain a strong underpinning of best practise and teaching expertise, with our CELTA or Delta qualification courses
  • English for teachingTailored language programmes for groups of teachers who teach the English language or teach subjects in English
  • Professional skills developmentDevelop innovative, forward thinking teaching skills and methodologies to enhance your teaching practice

Option 2
Design a brand new course

Sometimes it makes sense to start fresh. With your vision in-hand, our highly-experienced Academic team will focus on building a course guided by your preferences and desired learning outcomes.

Our client proven process

DiscoveryOur initial phase explores your unique goals and desired learning outcomes. This forms the foundation to build a course that fully aligns with your vision,

CoordinationOur dedicated Global Groups Coordinator will guide your through the booking and enrolment process. Once complete, you can relax – our Coordinator will take care of the rest.



PlanningPrepare a detailed proposal presenting a robust academic programme guided by your preferences and learning needs.

DeliveryWe will be here to meet and greet your group when they arrive, and maintain constant communication throughout your time at Bell. After the course, we will collate student feedback and provide you a summary report.