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Teaching approach

Learning the Bell Way

Benefit from over 60 years of educational expertise. Our experts and an Emeritus Professor from the University of Cambridge developed The Bell Way, our unique teaching approach. The six principles below are core to everything we do and our commitment to your learning success.

High expectations

Students in a classroom

We want you to be the best that you can be

You have big dreams and we’re determined to help you achieve them. Lessons at Bell are challenging, interactive and fun. We use a range of teaching techniques to ensure that all students participate fully in the classroom and are constantly learning and improving their English. With our guidance, you can exceed your goals!

Clarity of learning

Teacher in a class

We show you a clear path to success

In every lesson and activity, you will know exactly what your aims are, how to achieve them and what to do next. You can track your progress through weekly class plans, individual lesson plans and your personal Learning Journal.

Unique individual

Teacher and student

We adapt your learning to suit you

We know every student is different and that’s why all our courses can be personalised to suit you. Our teachers will help you find the ways of learning that maximise your progress and our welfare and enrichment teams will ensure your time with Bell is the experience of a lifetime.

Learning everywhere

Students exploring London

We help you to learn wherever you are

From breakfast with your homestay family to lunch with friends and an evening exploring the city, we will encourage and support you as you immerse yourself in the English language. Our free Language in Action programme will help you practise what you have learnt in class and your progress will be enhanced further by regular homework and self-study activities.

Assessment as learning

Students in a classroom

We give you regular feedback to make you a better learner

Reviewing your work frequently gives you confidence in your success and helps you identify areas for development. In addition to regular 1 to 1 tutorials with your teacher, you will learn how to assess your own work – and the work of your friends – giving you the skills to continue your learning outside of the Bell classroom.

Organisational learning

Emily Curran

We never stop learning

At Bell, we believe in lifelong learning. Our 2015 report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate praised our “culture of continuous improvement” which helps your teachers remain leaders in their field. Bell teachers are conference speakers, researchers, webinar presenters and published authors. Many of them are also teacher trainers. All of us strive to be the best for our students.