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Teaching approach

Learning the Bell Way

Choose Bell and benefit from over 60 years of educational expertise. Our experts and an Emeritus Professor from the University of Cambridge developed The Bell Way, our unique teaching approach. The six principles below are core to everything we do and ensure your child is both challenged and supported.

Young learners

High expectations

We want students to be the best they can be

We want our students to dream big and have the confidence to accomplish anything. We reward excellence with end-of-course awards and a Bell Ambassador programme.

Young learners

Clarity of learning

We show students a clear path to success

The aim of every lesson and activity, and how to succeed are always clear. Every student takes home a portfolio as a record of their progress, with project work, ‘can-do’ statements and an end-of-course certificate.

Young learner

Unique individual

We adapt lessons to suit your child

We know every student is special and our teachers and activity leaders are skilled in different approaches to learning. We are always happy to shape learning around a student’s individual goals.

Young learners

Learning everywhere

We teach inside and outside the classroom

Students learn faster and more successfully when they use English all the time and in a range of situations. We encourage consistent use of English throughout each part of the day and hold an English Challenge Day on each course which uses games and competitions to make communication fun.

Young learners

Assessment as learning

We give regular feedback

Students become better learners with regular feedback. We review their progress and show clear next steps on their learning journey.

Young learners

Organisational learning

We never stop learning ourselves

We believe in lifelong learning and always strive to be the best for our students.