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Teaching Diverse and Inclusive Classes

Explore the issue of diversity in the classroom and develop strategies to address differences amongst learners.

Help them engage, learn and achieve.

Learn to plan, teach and assess learning in a diverse classroom.

Course type
Teacher development
Age of student
Language level
Intermediate (B1) - Proficient (C2)
Course dates
28 June - 4 July 2020
Course Length
1 week
From £845 / €1,070
Bell Teacher Academy
Teachers working together in a group

This course is for:

  • Teachers or support staff working with students with diverse learning needs
  • Leaders or teachers who want to learn how to make their classrooms and school more inclusive places
Course outcomes
A greater awareness of differences amongst students
Common barriers to learning such as:
- Learning difficulties
- Disabilities
- Gifted and talented students
Discuss international perceptions of disability and inclusive practices
Increase your confidence to bridge the ability divide
Use practical classroom strategies to create an inclusive environment
Develop different teaching methods to accommodate students with differing needs
An ability to make changes to increase inclusivity
Understand the neccessity of flexibility in student understanding and assessment

Course content

  • Hyper-diversity: the inclusive classroom
  • The impact of social, linguistic, cultural and educational diversity
  • Learning difficulties or disabilities and its effects on learning
  • Meeting the needs of gifted and talented students
  • Creating safe, inclusive classrooms
  • Multisensory learning techniques
  • Techniques to support students with SEN