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Our Delta Trainers

We guarantee a high level of tutor support when you prepare for Delta with us. Our tutors will give you personalised, concise feedback to help you succeed.

Meet our experienced tutors who can help you with your Delta studies.

Tim Hazell, Delta Tutor

Tim Hazell, Academic Programme Manager (Delta)

Tim has been teaching since 1987 and teacher training since 1996.

He is a CELTA and Delta assessor and has worked as a Delta Module 3 examiner.

Tim has worked on Bell Delta courses since 2009 and is now working as their Academic Programme Manager (Delta), a job that includes running the online and blended Delta courses.

He has lived in Spain, Malaysia, Holland and Poland, and his work has taken him all over the world.

Clare Booth, Delta tutor

Clare Booth

Clare has been teaching since 1982 and teacher training since 1990.

She has an MA in TEFL from the University of Reading, where she went on to teach EAP, and also held the post of Supervisor of the Institution-Wide Language Programme (IWLP). She is a CELTA assessor and a Delta Module 1 examiner.

She has been a Delta/DTEFLA and Trinity Diploma tutor since 1996, and has worked on Bell Delta courses since 2017. Clare has delivered courses in the UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Czechia, Slovenia, Turkey, Egypt and Thailand.

Clare has a keen interest in teaching with technology and holds a Trinity Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology (CertICT). She has also designed and run a 3 day ICT course for teachers and has experience in writing e-lessons for Macmillan Global.

Alastair Douglas Delta Tutor

Alastair Douglas

Alastair is a lecturer in English Language Teaching and TESOL at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, as well as being a freelance teacher trainer. 

He started teaching English in 1997 and has taught in the UK, Japan and Indonesia. He became a teacher trainer in 2003 and has delivered courses in the UK, China, Mexico, Russia, Peru, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

He is a CELTA assessor, Delta module 2 assessor and module 3 marker and has previously been an IELTS examiner. 

Alastair has an MA in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics from King’s College London.

Jacqueline Douglas, Delta Trainer

Jacqueline Douglas

Jacqueline is a teacher and trainer at Bell in Cambridge and also works as a freelancer. 

She has over 20 years’ experience in ELT, in various countries including Turkey, Spain and Bolivia.  During her 16 years as a trainer, she has worked in China, south east Asia, South America, Egypt, Greece, Russia, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.   

Jacqueline is a CELTA and Delta tutor, and offers training in CLIL, becoming a teacher trainer and evidence-based teaching. 

She has an MA from NILE, focussing on materials development and learner autonomy and is a regular speaker at conferences including IATEFL. 


Jonathan Marks, Delta tutor

Jonathan Marks

Jonathan is a teacher trainer, translator and author, whose publications include English Pronunciation in Use Elementary (CUP) and The Book of Pronunciation (Delta).

He has written and contributed to course books, supplementary materials, teacher resource books, and bilingual and monolingual dictionaries.

Chris Ozog, Delta tutor

Chris Ożóg

Chris is a teacher, teacher trainer, and ELT writer. He trains principally on CELTA and Delta courses but also works on customised programmes.

He is Editor of the IH Journal and has an MA in English Language and Literature, and has worked for Bell since 2013

Chris has worked all over the world from Costa Rica and Dubai, to China and Japan, and many other countries. 

James Savery

James Savery

James has worked in English Language Teaching since 1989, in such countries as Portugal, Italy, Thailand and Bolivia.

He is now based in Poland where he teaches for the British Council, and also works as a Teacher Trainer on DELTA and TYLEC courses.

James does quite a lot of materials writing and has contributed to teacher’s books and test materials to materials published by Pearson, among others.

Alex Tilbury, Delta tutor

Alex Tilbury

Alex is an English language teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer.

He grew up in England, started teaching in 1997 and has worked in India, South Africa, Germany, Romania and the Czech Republic but his home is in Katowice, Poland. 

These days his working life is mostly taken up with tutoring on Celta and Delta courses. He has written teaching and training materials for Cambridge University Press and the British Council, and is co-author of the English Unlimited course book series.