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Coaching and Mentoring

Develop methods to apply coaching and mentoring in staff development, overall strategies involved and interventions used in different kinds of learning and development.

Course type
Teacher development
Age of student
Language level
Advanced (C1) - Proficient (C2)
Course dates
16 - 22 August 2020
Course Length
1 week
From £845 / €1,070
Bell Teacher Academy

Who is this course for?

  • Academic managers, team leaders, teacher trainers and those responsible for teacher and staff learning, and organisational well-being
  • Teachers who wish to take on leadership and staff development roles, or become teacher trainers
  • Those who observe lesson and wish to give accurate, skilful and supportive feedback
  • Teachers who want to supplement their methodology skills with the artistry of facilitation and people skills so essential for high level learning performance

Course outcomes

You will have:

  • A broad understanding of the impacts of coaching, mentoring and feedback and the differences between them.
  • Experience in the different roles of mentor, mentee, coach, coachee, feedback giver, feedback receiver, and also observer of these relationships.
  • Focus on the kinds of applications most suited to your workplace.
  • A personalised toolkit of interventions to help staff to engage with their own learning
  • Confidence to manage difficult situations and to initiate honest and critical reflection
  • Increased motivation, confidence and satisfaction in your work as an educational leader - whether teacher, trainer or manager.
  • Improved English language competences across all of these skills

Course description


21.5 hours per one week course

All Bell Teacher Academy courses are delivered by highly experienced teacher trainers. The team includes a whole host of leading ELT experts and published educational authors.

This hands-on one-week course will you to develop the knowledge, skill, and confidence to establish and maintain a creative culture of mentoring, coaching and feedback in your workplace. You will learn about ways of applying coaching and mentoring in staff development, the overall strategies involved, and the specific interventions used in different kinds of learning and development encounter.

This course will cover areas including:

  • A complete set of verbal interventions for use in a full range of professional learning needs
  • Practice in major areas of interpersonal helping and supervision such as: being supportive; dealing with positive and negative feelings; encouraging developmental thinking, offering prescriptions, challenging blind spots, raising self-esteem
  • How to shift elegantly between offering direction and inviting self-direction
  • Practise of these interventions as facilitator, ‘client’ and observer using a practice -> feedback -> reflection -> practice cycle
  • A clear articulation of the values that underlie skilled helping, and criteria for establishing the validity or otherwise of interventions
  • Getting things done through people: New models of leadership for teachers, managers, and staff in a people-based organisation.
  • Creating a positive psychological learning atmosphere in classroom, staff room and team.
  • Using the above skills and insights to develop high level coaching, or mentoring or feedback, according to your need or inclination.

Topics can be adapted depending on participants’ professional needs, priorities, and teaching context.

Participants will have the opportunity to build up a portfolio of authentic materials to support the cultural component of their teaching.


In addition to the core development course, teachers choose one additional workshop, such as ‘Using film in the classroom’, ‘Motivating students’ and ‘Different ways to use songs in the classroom’.

Guest lectures and plenary sessions

Guest lecture and plenary session by well-known ELT experts. 

Experience British life

Bell Teacher Academy is set in Stephen Perse in the traditional and beautiful city of Cambridge. You can explore the city with other teachers, visit the many museums and go to one of the many outdoor cultural events over the summer such as ‘Shakespeare in the park’. There are a host of activities held on campus too and trips to nearby cities including London.

Bell Teacher Academy partners with Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Language Assessment.