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Courses for developing your professional skills

We offer a full range of teacher development courses to suit any interest, at any stage of your career. All courses are taught at Bell Teacher Academy.

A course for teachers with an interest in the practical aspects of pronunciation, and in an approach which corresponds more precisely with how we learn.

This course requires teachers to play a very active role, learning through discussion, practice, observation, reflection, evaluation and feedback.

Develop the skills and knowledge you need to plan and deliver successful online English lessons.

This course aims to give teachers and managers the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to succeed in positions of educational leadership.

Develop methods to apply coaching and mentoring in staff development, overall strategies involved and interventions used in different kinds of learning and development.

Helps teachers and managers become more confident in preparing students to take English exams and more able to evaluate, design and administer valid and reliable testing and assessment.

Academic managers and teachers learn how to become expert practitioners, with best practice teaching methods and knowledge of how to support the professional development of other teachers.

A hands-on course that helps teachers upgrade their skills and familiarise themselves with the latest developments in educational technology.

Refresh and renew your teaching with strategies to become more creative, new ideas and new possibilities to liven up your classroom practice.

A practical and interactive course that explores current trends in English, provides opportunities for language development and presents practical ideas and techniques for teaching language.