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Effective English

Take the next step in your English language learning with a course built around your specific goals, course length and language level.

Course type
English 16+
Age of student
Language level
Beginner (A1) - Proficient (C2)
Language level (London only)
Elementary (A2) - Proficient (C2)
Maximum class size
14 (Cambridge) 12 (London)
Lesson hours per week
15, 20 or 25 hours
Course dates
Weekly, every Monday
Course Length
From 1 week
£330-£360 per week (depending on duration of study)
Bell Cambridge , Bell London

Our Effective English course helps you to develop your core skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking, so you will feel confident when communicating in English.

You can build the course around you:

  • Weekly enrolments allow you to choose how long you study for
  • Afternoon modules let you choose your hours of study per week

Teachers also regularly review your progress on a 1-to-1 basis, so you always have a clear path to your goals. 

During your time at Bell you will also have access to Bell Online our interactive learning environment which is personalised to you. Test your skills and gather direct feedback from your teachers.

Students walking over Millenium Bridge

Effective English in the City

New to 2020! 

Practise your skills in a real-life setting.

At Bell London, the Effective English course will also feature a weekly morning class that takes place in the city - a museum, famous market or along the river.

On this course you will:

  • Improve your confidence, fluency and accuracy when communicating in English
  • Enhance your pronunciation, vocabulary and ability to apply complex grammar structures in your everyday communication
  • Learn to voice your opinions tactfully and share ideas with others
  • Become a more independent learner

We link your language learning with practical, everyday skills that are useful for you in general learning, life and work:

Practise having conversations in English and tactful express opinions through role-play, debates and presentations in topical issues such as the environment, politics or the news.
Strengthen your grammar by using different channels of communication, including report writing, emails, feedback, reviews and articles.
Enhance your listening skills by using spoken English materials such as podcasts, audiobooks, radios or TV apps such as Netflix.
Discover various types of formal and informal writing depending on the type of publication such as magazines, newspapers or storytelling.

Afternoon modules

Support your learning by choosing extra afternoon modules:

Bell Cambridge Bell London
Skills IELTS
Business Skills Practical Projects
1-to-1 tuition Project Management
  1-to-1 tuition
Students in Cambridge socialising

Language in Action

Our social programme offers a number of free activities and trips to support your language learning, and help you meet new friends and explore Britain.

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Progress to:

  • An internationally recognised qualification such as IELTS or Cambridge Exam to demonstrate your language skills
  • Our University Foundation Programme to guarantee yourself a place at a UK University