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Young Cambridge Scholars

Develop their advanced subject-level language and academic skills so students can take that next step towards success!
Student presenting her project to judges


Get a taste of university life and never look back. 

Young Cambridge Scholars gives students advanced university-level learning through a combination of subject study, an inspiring lecture programme and educational study tours and activities.

This is a challenging course for students who excel academically and wish to progress to a top English-speaking university in the future. It aims to maximise their potential for success by supporting students to develop advanced subject-level knowledge and academic skills expected in higher education so they are ready to succeed at university.


14 - 17
Minimum language level
Intermediate B1
Staff to student ratio
Maximum class size
Course start dates
Dates subject to confirmation
Course length
2 weeks
Entry requirements
Pre-course assessment and online questionnaire
Bell The Leys
Fees (2021)
Franco Argentina
I think Young Cambridge Scholars is a useful course because my dream is to study in the UK. I've really enjoyed the lessons so far as they intensive and I like the topics!
Astrid Denmark
Our teachers were just awesome. They were always there for us and really managed to see us as individuals, identifying what level we are and what we needed.
Students sitting in the garden

Course overview

On this course, students will:

  • Improve their confidence, fluency and range of vocabulary when communicating English in an academic context
  • Develop their subject-level knowledge and academic skills
  • Learn to effectively communicate and present their opinions in discussion
  • Enhance their ability to work with others effectively
  • Develop useful techniques and strategies when learning and preparing for exams
  • Be more informed about future study options
  • Meet new friends, of similar academic calibre, from across the world


University-level learning

Students will get a real insight into university-level study in some of the most popular topics at University of Cambridge, including: Mathematics, British literature, Science and International Relations.

It is also critical that students develop a strong foundation of study skills in order for them to perform well at university. These academic skills include: essay writing, analysing data, research and presentation skills, critical thinking and expressing opinions.

Students will therefore spend time to develop these skills as well as their exam technique – particularly the IELTS exam – an internationally-recognised language level test and entry requirement for British universities.

  • Subject study: 32 hours
  • Academic skills: 10 hours
Teacher speaking to two students about their project
Business challenge


Lectures by University of Cambridge speakers

If you are going to prepare for the best, you should learn from the best. Students will experience real university-style lectures on class Cambridge subjects, ranging from physics to philosophy. All lectures delivered will be facilitated by University of Cambridge speakers.

Previous lectures explored new perspectives on topics like: film studies, philosophy, quantum physics or politics. One of the lectures will focus on the skills, experience and qualities that students need to become a University of Cambridge student.

  • Lecture programme: 12 hours


Learn by doing.

The activity programme is an integral part of the course and allows students to practise what they have learnt and develop a natural, fluent use of the language. Students on the Young Cambridge Scholars course will have opportunities to enjoy these activities:

  • Sports ranging from football and basketball to tennis and cricket
  • Creative arts ranging from T-shirt painting to photography
  • Evening activities like school discos, fashion shows and quiz nights

There will also be a formal dinner hosted at a University of Cambridge college, exclusively for Young Cambridge Scholars students.

Two students playing basketball
Students punting in Cambridge


Gain new life experiences

There is no better way to learn about British life and culture than to experience it for yourself.  Study tours also play an important role in our learning approach. Students prepare for their study tour in class and have educational tasks to complete during their trip, this is then discussed in lessons afterwards.

They will have three-full day study tours to UK destinations, every two weeks.


King’s College

Arguably the most famous view of Cambridge, King’s College is the largest and one of most impressive college chapels in the world. Explore its rich history and breathtaking architecture right in the heart of Cambridge and the university.

Don’t forget to watch the punters from the bridge in the college gardens and wave at them as they pass.

Kings College Chapel


Science Museum London 

The Science Museum is the most visited science and technology museum in Europe. There are over 15,000 objects on display, including world-famous objects such as the Apollo 10 command capsule and Stephenson’s Rocket.

Students can experience what it is like to fly or blast off into space in their stunning 3D and 4D simulators. They can also watch a film on a screen taller than four double-decker buses in the IMAX 3D Cinema.

London Science Museum


Fitzwilliam Museum and city tour

Located in the heart of Cambridge, the Museum is one of the most iconic buildings in the Cambridge cityscape.

The Fitzwilliam Museum is home to a collection of antiquities with galleries covering Ancient Eqypt, Rome and Greece. With over half a million incredible artworks in its collection, it is one of the most impressive regional museums in Europe.

Fitzwilliam Museum

Sample timetable


Young Cambridge Scholars timetable

Dates and locations

Bell The Leys

Bell The Leys

Dates for 2022 subject to confirmation

The Fen Causeway,
Cambridge, CB2 7AD

Our course includes

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