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Young Business Leaders

Gain real insight and experience of business in the UK and develop business-focused knowledge and language skills
Student delivering business plan presentation


Unwrap the world of business and test out life as an entrepreneur.

Young Business Leaders is an inspirational course designed for students interested in becoming the business leaders of the future.

It will develop their general and business-specific language skills, offer real insights from experienced business managers and entrepreneurs, and provide eye-opening experiences of local businesses.


14 - 17
Minimum language level
Intermediate B1
Staff to student ratio
Maximum class size
Course start dates
Wednesday 6 July 2022 | Wednesday 27 July 2022
Course length
3 weeks
Entry requirements
Pre-course assessment and online questionnaire
Bell The Leys
Franco Argentina
I think Young Cambridge Scholars is a useful course because my dream is to study in the UK. I've really enjoyed the lessons so far as they intensive and I like the topics!
Astrid Denmark
Our teachers were just awesome. They were always there for us and really managed to see us as individuals, identifying what level we are and what we needed.
Students walking around Bell Wellington

Course overview

On this course, students will:

  • Develop business-specific knowledge, language and vocabulary as well as grammar and pronunciation skills
  • Become young entrepreneurs gaining experience in running their own business
  • Improve their confidence, fluency and accuracy when communicating in English
  • Be inspired and get useful insights and feedback from real-life business managers and entrepreneurs
  • Enjoy an unforgettable opportunity to meet lots of international friends with similar interests


Skills for business.

Lessons will be segmented into developing both business-focused language skills as well as the key concepts and theories involved in business and entrepreneurship.

Students will learn develop and practise communicating their business vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills, and prepare for the LinguaSkills exam which they take and the end of the course.

Students will also delve into establishing a business in today’s competitive environment, investigating subjects like commercialising a product, managing finances, communication in the workplace, and understanding the modern consumer.

Student working on a project
Business challenge


Bell Business Challenge

Part of student’s activity programme will be to work in groups to create a business plan and present this to a panel of judges.

  • Week 1: Planning Develop a business concept by conducting market research, allocating finances and creating an advertising campaign
  • Week 2: Implementing and evaluating Launch the business, evaluate progress and reinvest profits
  • Week 3: Presentation Teams present their project and discuss successes and areas for development

The team with best product/service will win a once-in-a-lifetime prize!

  • Bell business challenge: 36.5 hours
  • Other activities: 39 hours


Gain new life experiences

There is no better way to learn about British life and culture than to experience it for yourself.  All study tours on the Young Business Leaders course are business-themed and involve visits to local businesses and topical destinations.

On the study tours, students develop their language skills and business understanding by:

  • Having question and answer sessions with managers and experts
  • Conducting interviews and market research
  • Taking part in fact finding challenges
  • Completing activity sheets

They will have 5.5 days of study tours to UK destinations during their three-week programme.

Student at Warwick Castle


Mercedes-Benz World

With thrilling driving experiences for all ages plus three floors of attractions and exhibits, Mercedes-Benz World is the perfect day for our budding business leaders.

Find out more about the history of the German automobile company and how it has become an internationally-renowned global success.

Mercedez Benz World


Museum of Brands

Travel through the Time Tunnel and reflect on how consumers and brands have evolved since the Victorian times, and understand how daily life has been transformed with major disruptive technologies like the railway, motor car, and aeroplane.

This museums gives great context to the everyday history of marketing trends to give students useful insights into how the marketing world could evolve moving forward.

Museum of Brands


The Bank of England Museum

Housed within the impressive walls of the Bank of England, this fascinating museum takes you through the history of the bank since its foundation in 1694 to its role today as the nation’s central bank.

There are gold bars dating from ancient times to the modern market bar, coins and a unique collection of banknotes.

Bank of England Museum

Sample timetable


Young Business Leaders timetable

Dates and locations

Bell The Leys

Bell The Leys

From 06 July 2022 to 16 August 2022

The Fen Causeway,
Cambridge, CB2 7AD

Our course includes

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Student presenting project to judges

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