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Winter Explorer

Students will develop their English skills while making unforgettable memories. Experience British life and culture at wintertime.
Winter Explorer


Winter is coming, and its magic and adventure awaits you. 

Winter Explorer focuses on developing core English language skills through project-based learning activities and interactive learning – an effective way to learn language quickly and successfully.

We encourage students to become more confident, independent learners while they develop 21st century life skills that will benefit their future learning, life and work.


11 - 17
Minimum language level
All levels
Staff to student ratio
Maximum class size
Course dates
3 January - 15 February 2021
Course length
1 - 6 weeks
Bell St Albans
From £980 per week

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Maria Sofia Italy
Maria Sofia
The course made my English better because I only speak English here and practise with my friends. I am really confident now and I can't wait to help my sister when I get home!
Lidia Poland
I came to Bell to improve my language skills, expand my knowledge and explore England. Now I think I speak more fluently and sound like a native speaker. It's the best course I've ever been on.

Course overview

On this course, students will:

  • Gain confidence and become more independent learners and users of the English language
  • Develop their English language skills (reading writing, listening, and speaking)
  • Improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and understanding of grammar
  • Essential 21st century life skills (communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and cultural awareness)
  • Produce a portfolio of work to demonstrate progress and achievements
  • Meet new friends from across the world


Project-based learning

Project themes have been intentionally designed for students and teachers to take their project in a direction that best meets the group’s needs and motivations.

This means that every group of students will learn something different and each student receives a personalised learning experience. Each theme will have a central guiding question that focuses the project and students work collaboratively towards the production of a tangible project outcome.

This approach helps students learning faster and more successfully. It also guarantees that students will learn something new every time.

Student showing her English language work to classmates
Girl dressed up in theatre costume


Learn by doing.

The activity programme is an integral part of the course and allows students to practise what they have learnt and develop a natural, fluent use of the language. Our afternoon activities – electives and Academy options – are designed to improve communication and confidence while developing academic, creative and active skills.

All Winter Explorer students will also enjoy a wide variety of whole-school activities, such as games, competitions, discos and shows.


Gain new life experiences

There is no better way to learn about British life and culture than to experience it for yourself.  Study tours also play an important role in our learning approach. Students prepare for their study tour in class and have educational tasks to complete during their trip, this is then discussed in lessons afterwards.

They will have three-full day study tours to UK destinations, every two weeks. Students will also have the opportunity to add optional activities to enhance their experience.

Student with kilt from Edinburgh delivers presentation

Specialise with an Academy

Delivered by professionals with many years of industry experience, students have the chance to specialise their language in one particular area of interest.
Academies are 9 hours per week - book your Academy in advance.

Enjoy study tours to exciting attractions like:

Edinburgh, Scotland

If you study in Week 3 & 4, you will take a 3-day trip to visit Scotland’s breathtaking capital. You will see the stunning architecture, inspiring castle perched on a dormant volcano, and wander round the historic Old Town and Royal Mile.

On this trip your will discover the many secrets of the city, experience an underground ghost tour and try your luck at traditional Scottish dancing! You are spoilt for choice in Edinburgh. It will be a memory that is guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Student visit Edinburgh in Scotland


The Making of Harry Potter Studio

Immerse yourself in the wizarding world of the famous Harry Potter. Step into iconic sets like the Great Hall and Diagon Alley, discover more about the amazing visual and creature effects, as well as the costumes and props featured in the movie!

If you visit in week 1, you could also get to see Hogwarts in the Snow, where many of the sets will see a festive transformation – just like in the movies!

Harry Potter visit in London


Natural History Museum

This impressive museum will inspire the inner historian in students. Their galleries explore the amazing diversity of life in Earth, the planet’s evolution, natural phenomenons and the famous scientists that have contributed to these discoveries.

Don’t forget to walk beneath the 25.2 metre blue whale skeleton that is suspended above the galleries.

National History Museum in London


Madame Tussauds London

This famous wax museum offers students the chance to get up close and personal to some their favourite icons and famous faces. It combines glitz and glamour with incredible heritage, having over 300 wax figures.

Look out for having tea with Her Majesty the Queen, rocking it out with Ed Sheeran, posing with Harry and Meghan, or singing a duet with Dua Lipa! Not only do you learn about some of the most famous individuals of British culture, you’ll not want to put your Instagram away!


Madame Tussauds in London

Themes at Winter Explorer

Project-based learning is a signature part of our fully-integrated approach to language learning. It provides students with lots of cross-curricular opportunities for learning everywhere, both inside and outside the classroom.

Download the Winter Explorer 2021 brochure

Find out more about our weekly project themes:

    • WEEK 1

    London life

    Celebrate British culture in the world's iconic city and learn how life has changed across its history. How different is life in London to life in your hometown?

    Students will expand on their vocabulary, learn comparative and superlative forms to make comparisons, and develop cross-cultural understanding and communication skills.

    • WEEK 2

    21st century citizens

    In this ever-changing world, students will explore key issues that will affect lives in the future and develop the skills they need to succeed in a modern world. What kind of inventions and discoveries will there be? What skills do students need in the future?

    Students will practise future forms, develop their fluency in speaking skills, and develop understanding of key global issues and how they can be addressed through international cooperation.

    • WEEK 3 & 4

    Heroes, myths & legends

    Discover the stories that lie behind some of the greatest historical figures, moments that changed our world and the literary works that have shaped British life and culture.

    You will discover the uniqueness of the UK - and even experience a 3-day adventure in Edinburgh, Scotland! Students will improve their reading skills, expand vocabulary and pronunciation skills, and learn to critically reflect on various factors that influence literature, culture and society.

    • WEEK 5

    Movie magic

    Engage in interesting discussions about your favourite films and TV shows and improve your language skills and ability to express opinions and share ideas with others. Are there any more original ideas? How can we make a short film of our time at Bell.

    Students will learn a variety of phrasal verbs and collocations, developing their listening skills, and expand their creative writing skills.

    • WEEK 6

    Protecting the planet

    What can we do today to reduce our impact on the environment tomorrow? Students will gain more insight into the importance of developing global solutions addressing environmental issue.

    Students will learn to use functional language for debate, discussion and presenting ideas.

Sample timetable


Standard dates & locations

Bell St Albans

Bell St Albans

05 January 2021 - 11 January 2021

Shenley Lane, London Colney,
St Albans, AL2 1AF

Bell St Albans

Bell St Albans

05 January 2021 - 18 January 2021

Shenley Lane, London Colney,
St Albans, AL2 1AF

Bell St Albans

Bell St Albans

05 January 2021 - 01 February 2021

Shenley Lane, London Colney,
St Albans, AL2 1AF

Bell St Albans

Bell St Albans

19 January 2021 - 01 February 2021

Shenley Lane, London Colney,
St Albans, AL2 1AF

Bell St Albans

Bell St Albans

02 February 2021 - 08 February 2021

Shenley Lane, London Colney,
St Albans, AL2 1AF

Bell St Albans

Bell St Albans

09 February 2021 - 15 February 2021

Shenley Lane, London Colney,
St Albans, AL2 1AF

Our course includes

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