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Teaching young learners: Primary (Online)

Learn effective language teaching methodologies and techniques to increase engagement and motivation of students in your class.
Teacher training and development


Maximise student engagement in your class.

Enhance your overall effectiveness in the classroom, by exploring a range of different language teaching methodologies and techniques, designing and evaluating a range of materials for primary learners, and fostering effective classroom management skills. Our expert teacher trainers will guide and support you throughout the course, giving you regular feedback and practical tips and strategies that you can easily apply to your own context.

Alongside the course content, you also have the option of joining afternoon workshops and talks related to current ideas and trends in the sector.


Minimum age
Minimum language level
Intermediate B1
Course start dates
11 July 2021
25 July 2021
Course length
2 weeks
Option 1: £200/week
Option 2: £250/week
Option 3: £50/week
Olga Kazakhstan
I really enjoy the quality of education at Bell, that's why I keep coming back. My first course was a CELTA, the second was Contemporary English and the third one is CLIL. The next one will definitely be Becoming a Teacher Trainer.
Poom Thailand
I think Bell is special because it is so well-organised, with special staff and the courses cover everything. When I get back to Thailand I will make activities for students and be able to talk about British culture from direct experience.
Sergio Spain
I've really enjoyed the atmosphere here, you get the chance to mingle with lots of teachers from around the world. It's very rewarding and interesting to exchange different points of view

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Course overview

On this course, you will:

  • Familiarise with the latest language teaching methodologies, classroom management skills and practical teaching techniques
  • Enhance your abilities to select, design, exploit and evaluate materials for young learners
  • Develop new strategies for improving motivation and engagement of young learners
  • Improve your language competencies and confidence in using English in the classroom
  • Develop a greater intercultural awareness, including social, linguistic and cultural diversity
  • Understand how to foster intercultural awareness in your own classroom


Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for practising teachers of English who are working at primary level or below, who are interested in refreshing or broadening their knowledge of teaching techniques and methodologies for working with young learners.  Participants must have an Intermediate (B1) language level, at a minimum.

Topics covered:

Each course we run is tailored by our expert tutors to the professional needs and priorities of the participants so content may be adapted to best suit the needs of your group.

Using natural classroom language
Effective ways to introduce and practise new vocabulary
Teaching phonics and literacy
Making grammar fun
Using songs and games
Techniques for teaching pronunciation to young learners
Using stories
Planning effective lessons
Adapting the coursebook
Developing a stimulating learning environment

Sample timetable


Bell Teacher Academy timetable

Course dates

DELTA online learning


11 July 2021 - 24 July 2021
DELTA online learning


25 July 2021 - 07 August 2021

Our course includes

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