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Teaching diverse and inclusive classes (Online)

Unpack the issue of diversity in classrooms and develop strategies to address the differences amongst learners to help them maximise their potential.
Two teacher trainees planning


Developing supportive and inclusive practice.

Explore the issue of diversity in classrooms. On this course, you will learn different techniques and strategies you can use to address the many differences among learners – ultimately help each of your students to fully engage, learn and achieve their ambitions. The sessions are practical in orientation and focus on equipping and enabling teachers to plan, teach and assess learning in diverse and inclusive classrooms. The content and methodology is underpinned by relevant, evidence-informed educational approaches.

Alongside the course content, you also have the option of joining afternoon workshops and talks related to current ideas and trends in the sector.

Minimum age
Minimum language level
Intermediate B1
Course dates
27 June - 3 July 2021
Course length
1 week
Option 1: £200
Option 2: £250
Option 3: £50
Sergio Spain
I've really enjoyed the atmosphere here, you get the chance to mingle with lots of teachers from around the world. It's very rewarding and interesting to exchange different points of view
Karine Guadeloupe
The courses at Bell and the opportunities to meet so many other teachers is really rejuvenating for the mind. There's so much choice too. Cultural talks. Social outings. Workshops. It's brilliant!
Elisa Spain
I’ve had a great time here at Bell Teacher Academy. I’ve enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and exchanging experiences.
Haomei China
Haomei Li
I have learnt the latest teaching skills and activities that I will take back to my classroom, and gained a lot of useful resources. For me the most important thing is sharing what I have learnt with my colleagues, so they can develop their skills too.

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Course overview

On this course, you will:

  • Understand the broad range of differences among students, including social, linguistic and cultural diversity
  • Identify common barriers to learning as experienced by students with learning difficulties and disabilities, and equally those of gifted and talented learners
  • Discuss international perceptions of disability (identification and perception) and inclusive practices
  • Learn practical classroom strategies to bridge the ability divide
  • Identify how the classroom environment and use of different teaching methods can accommodate students with sensory impairment and different learning preferences
  • Understand the necessity of flexibility in demonstration of student understanding and assessment of learning
  • Confidently be able to implement changes to include inclusive practice within your educational organisation


Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for teachers or other support staff working in primary or secondary schools with students with diverse learning needs, or teachers or school leaders interested in making their classrooms and schools more inclusive. Participants must have with an Intermediate B1 language level, as a minimum.

Topics covered:

Each course we run is tailored by our expert tutors to the professional needs and priorities of the participants so content may be adapted to best suit the needs of your group.

Understanding hyper-diversity
Social, linguistic, cultural and educational diversity
Learning difficulties or disabilities on learning
Supporting gifted and talented learners
Removing barriers to learning
Safe and inclusive classrooms
Multi-sensory learning techniques
The role of technology

Sample timetable


Online teaching timetable

Course dates

DELTA online learning


27 June 2021 - 03 July 2021

Our course includes

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