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Teacher trainer development

Critically explore your teacher training practice and develop your expertise through coaching and mentoring skills.
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Critically explore your teacher training practice.

We believe that there is no end point to your learning. This course will advance your skills and teacher training practice, enhance your own coaching and mentoring skills and deepen your expertise about teacher education.

At Bell Teacher Academy, you will be joining a global community of teachers. This fully-inclusive programme includes a series of workshops and talks related to current thinking and trends in the sector, and a full programme of social events for you to explore life and culture in the UK – outside of the classroom.

Minimum age
Minimum language level
Advanced C1
Course dates
8 - 14 August 2021
Course length
1 week
Bell Teacher Academy
Package 1:

Package 2 or 3:
Haomei China
Haomei Li
I have learnt the latest teaching skills and activities that I will take back to my classroom, and gained a lot of useful resources. For me the most important thing is sharing what I have learnt with my colleagues, so they can develop their skills too.
Olga Kazakhstan
I really enjoy the quality of education at Bell, that's why I keep coming back. My first course was a CELTA, the second was Contemporary English and the third one is CLIL. The next one will definitely be Becoming a Teacher Trainer.
Carla Brazil
At Bell, I found a really deep cultural learning environment which made me excited to go back to work and put it all into practice! As teachers, we have to keep learning so we can engage our students and teach more effectively

Course overview

On this course, you will:

  • Explore evidence-based research to understand programme design features that lead to deep and transferable teacher learning
  • Critically evaluate how teachers learn at different points in their careers
  • Identify different kinds of support different teachers need
  • Learn to facilitate personal, differentiated and contextually relevant teacher learning
  • Understand motivations of teachers,
  • Learn to design teacher learning activities, materials and programmes to meet teachers’ learning needs
  • Discover how to support teachers’ engagement in different models of practitioner research
  • Further develop your coaching and mentoring skills
  • Create an action plan for your professional development as a teacher trainer


Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for experienced ELT trainers at primary, secondary or tertiary level or trainers with a minimum of 3 years’ training experience in different contexts. It is also useful for experienced managers who have to train teachers as part of their jobs and want to learn more about how to further develop experienced teachers. Participants must have an Advanced (C2) language level, at a minimum.

Topics covered:

Each course we run is tailored by our expert tutors to the professional needs and priorities of the participants so content may be adapted to best suit the needs of your group.

Teacher development over time
Designing impactful and contextually-relevant programmes
Different approaches to support teacher learning
Coaching experienced teachers
Peer coaching and learning networks
Facilitating different types of teacher research
Dealing with difficult training situations
Teacher resistance to learning

Sample timetable


Bell Teacher Academy timetable

Course dates

Bell Teacher Academy

Bell Teacher Academy

08 August 2021 - 14 August 2021

Union Rd,
Cambridge, CB2 1HF

Our course includes

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