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Summer Explorer (Online)

Accelerate your English, develop vital skills for the future and build confidence in a supportive, diverse and inclusive environment.
Girl smiling and waving in online lesson


Get the Bell experience online this summer.

Our online Summer Explorer programme gives students the opportunity to develop their English language skills, build confidence and meet people from all over the world – without the need to travel!

At Bell, we understand the importance of learning by doing, which is why we use project-based learning to not only give students a chance to activate their English, but also to engage in interesting and important topics that matter to young people today.

Choose from morning or afternoon sessions to suit your local time zone. Please note that all times given are based on UK time.

11- 17
Minimum language level
All levels
Maximum class size
Course dates
Start any Monday,
from 31 May to
16 August 2021
Course times
Monday - Friday
9am - 11.15am
or 4pm - 6.15pm
Course length
1 - 12 weeks
£125 per week
Lisa Germany
There are lots of different nationalities at Bell and we talk a lot. I don't think about nouns and pronouns anymore, I just speak and think in English.
Abdullaziz Saudi
Saudi Arabia
I feel like I’m in my second family here because the staff are so caring and welcoming. My English has improved and I have more self-confidence too.
Young learner studying online

On this course, students will:

  • Gain confidence and become more independent learners and users of the English language
  • Develop their English language skills (reading writing, listening, and speaking)
  • Improve their vocabulary, pronunciation, and understanding of grammar
  • Gain essential 21st century life skills (communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and cultural awareness)
  • Learn key study skills to take forward in their future studies
  • Meet new friends from across the world


Project-based learning

Just like our face-to-face courses, our online lessons are based around weekly project themes. Project-based learning is designed to encourage students to apply their language learning to real-life situations, such as negotiating and making decisions, and take ownership over the outcome of their weekly project, whether that’s a vlog, presentation or student-led quiz.

These valuable language and life skills can then be taken outside of the classroom and applied in their personal or academic life, and into their future career.

Students working together on a project

Sample weekly project themes

Delve into real-world topics, like the global food crisis, climate change, big tech and social media.

Download our Summer Explorer (Online) leaflet

Check out some of our weekly project themes

  • Food for thought

    The world is facing a global crisis, but why? Investigate the impact human consumption is having on the environment and find solutions for future generations.

  • Magic & mystery

    Join us in discovering the truth behind some of the UK's most magical stories, from Harry Potter and Merlin, to Stonehenge and the Loch Ness Monster.

  • Planet social

    Do you see yourself as the next Mark Zuckerberg? Work in groups to design and pitch your very own social networking app, and discover ways social media can enhance your learning experience.

  • World of tomorrow

    We've come a long way in terms of our technological developments, but in what ways has it shaped the world we live in? And how do you think it will continue to develop into the future?

Sample timetable


Summer Explorer online timetable

Course dates

DELTA online learning


Start any Monday, from 31 May to 20 August 2021

Our course includes

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Student presenting project to judges

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