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1-to-1 coaching programme

Prepare for success through personalised 1-to-1 online tuition to focus on your specific learning goals.
1-to-1 online English courses

Focus your learning.
Accelerate your progress.

Develop your confidence and capabilities in using the English language with 1-to-1 online support of a highly-qualified Bell tutor.

When you have specific areas you find particularly challenging in your language learning, having 1-to-1 support and tuition from a dedicated teacher can be very beneficial. You can use this to supplement your other online courses and/or face-to-face classes.

Together, you and your tutor will identify specific language areas and skills to improve and create a bespoke study plan, using suitable learning materials for the focus you have chosen. Programmes will be scheduled around your local time.

Min. age
Min. language level
All levels
Weekly hours
Fully flexible
Course dates
Weekly, every Monday
from 1 November 2020
Fees (per student)
£59 per hour

Private group:
2-4 people: £35 per hour
5-6 people: £30 per hour
7-8 people: £25 per hour
9-10 people: £20 per hour
11-12 people: £15 per hour

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Build your 1-to-1 coaching programme

Our 1-to-1 coaching programme is highly flexible and responsive, so you are in full control of how you would like to plan these in to your overall learning experience,


Interactive learning with your personal tutor.

Your programme is built entirely around you. As you develop your core skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, your tutor will monitor your progress and introduce new strategies and techniques to enhance your language development.

Through this personal 1-to-1 approach, you will have clear and relevant objectives, and you are always being challenged to take the next step in your progression.

The course is supported by a digital resources with fantastic opportunities to learn through live interactive activities, like polls, chatrooms, drawing, or live streaming your presentations and videos.

Student preparing for IELTS exam online
Student using Bell Online on phone and laptop


Practise with Bell Online.

You will be given access to your own digital learning environment as soon as your booking is confirmed. All your learning resources, teacher notes, interactive exercises and progress data are all personalised to you.

You may be asked to upload homework, contribute to group discussions, or receive direct audio feedback from your teachers. You will also be able to interact with your other classmates, and carry on practising your English outside of your virtual classroom.

Our course includes

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Four students walking in Cambridge

Effective English

Start any Monday
  • Improve your general confidence and fluency
  • Focus on mastering skills you find difficult
  • Confidently communicate in a variety of contexts
  • Get personal feedback from experts
Teacher teaching student English in London

IELTS exam preparation

Start any Monday
  • Improve your general confidence and fluency
  • Understand IELTS exam content and structure
  • Learn effective methods to tackle exam questions
  • Personal study plan to achieve your desired score
Teacher teaching English to student

Cambridge Exam Preparation (B2 First)

3 October 2022
  • Confidently communicate and present your ideas
  • Understand exam content and structure
  • Learn effective methods to tackle exam questions
  • Identify key strengths and areas to focus study