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Master’s preparation programme

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Master the skills you need to succeed 

You have the passion, drive and commitment to become a specialist in your chosen area, but you want to make sure you make the most of your year at university.

Our Master’s preparation programme is a graduate preparation programme (also known as Pre-Master’s pathway). Our programme combines specialist postgraduate-level academic language learning, study skills development and IELTS or GMAT exam preparation with impartial university advice and guidance from our experienced academic team.

It will give you the tools you need to not only get into your chosen university, but support you to achieve great success during your studies and final thesis or research project.


Minimum age
Minimum language level
Upper Intermediate B2
Entry requirements
Successful completion of an university degree
Maximum class size
Weekly hours
21 hours
Course start date
8 January 2024 - 28 March 2024

15 April 2024 - 5 July 2024
Course length
1 - 3 terms
(12 weeks per term)
Bell Cambridge
£6,430 per term
Yi Tinh Tsai
Yi Tinh Tsai, Taiwan
Master's Preparation

Bristol University
Before I came here, I was told Bell was the best language school. Now I’m here, I would say I agree. The teachers and staff are really friendly and help us a lot!
Floriane Belgium
Floriane, Belgium
Master's Preparation

SOAS, University of London
I didn't learn English in Belgium so my language was elementary level. But I’m so impressed with myself. I’m now C1 and I passed the IELTS with a 7 score. Teachers help you a lot to achieve your goals and focus on what you need.
Aurele Belgium
Aurele, Belgium
St Andrews University
Before I came to Bell, I felt I couldn't consider a prestigious university, like St Andrews, as my undergraduate degree wasn't strong enough. However, as a result of my lessons at Bell and the support of the staff, I was successful! It was a great surprise!
Nada Saudi Arabia
Nada, Saudi Arabia
Master's Preparation

UCL (University College London)
I wanted to do an academic intensive courses so I could improve my academic skills. I loved the 1-to-1 feeling you get in class, you can ask whatever you want, and you have more chances to talk to the tutor. I've already recommended Bell to my friends.
Bell Cambridge courtyard

Course overview

On this course, you will:

  • Understand and effectively use academic language and subject-specific vocabulary
  • Follow a lecture at postgraduate level and write effective notes
  • Understand the format of academic seminars and use appropriate language
  • Critically evaluate academic texts and write informatively about them
  • Write well-organised, clear and persuasive essays
  • Conduct effective research using a variety of information sources and write clearly about the results
  • Gain a higher IELTS or GMAT score
  • Produce an impressive university application

Course components

Academic language

Strengthen your business knowledge.

You Master’s course will be incredibly rewarding. Prepare for different styles of assessment and academic research by strengthening your postgraduate-level academic language skills.

  • Academic writing
    You will learn key writing techniques to effectively tackle exam questions or coursework essays – as well as develop proper referencing skills.
  • Academic reading
    Develop your abilities to skim or scan academic texts while understanding key points made and evaluating how this influences your argument.
  • Academic listening
    Understand effective use of emphasis, pause and intonation from a speaker. Summarise meaning and evaluate opinions based on your listening
Student writing in her notebook
Teacher presenting academic skills to students at Bell

Develop your skills toolkit.

Study skillsYou will develop advanced study skills to help you perform your best when asked to complete tasks, assignments and exams at university. These may also be different to skills you have learned in your own country, so we will support you to learn, practise and master how to gain high marks at university-level.

Preparing for IELTS or GMATOur teachers have extensive experience with IELTS and GMAT exams. You will get intensive preparation for your IELTS so you can successfully achieve your desired score (at least 6.5) and get entry to your degree programme at university.

Our course includes

Other recommended courses

Teacher teaching student English in London

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Students clapping in their English lesson

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Teacher teaching English to student

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