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Humanities University Foundation


Understanding humanity, past and present, unlocks your future. 

Humanities includes a wide range of subjects related to human behaviour and culture. Popular degrees include sociology, politics, criminology, psychology, international relations, or journalism.

Our Humanities University Foundation programme combines specialist language learning and academic skills development with impartial university advice and guidance from our experienced academic team. You can choose from a range of subjects that best meet your future goals.

It will give you the tools you need to not only get into university, but to achieve great success in your degree once you get there.

Minimum age
Minimum language level
Intermediate B1
Entry requirements
IELTS 4.5 in all four areas of exam
Maximum class size
Weekly hours
21 hours
Course start date
26 September 2022
Course length
3 terms (36 weeks)
Bell Cambridge
Sandro Italy
Sandro, Italy
Business Foundation

Cass Business School, London
I loved the school, the atmosphere, how professional it is. My University Foundation prepared me to study and work in a very international and diverse environment. I would recommend Bell to anyone!
Jieyin China
Jieyin, China
Humanities Foundation

University of Westminster
My English was not good enough to keep pace with university studies. The course here is totally different to what I have done in China. Bell helped me connect with the university and learn what they expect.
Yaltah Germany
Yaltah, Germany
Humanities Foundation

Lancaster University
I love this school, my friends and everything about Cambridge too! I won’t forget my time here. When I visited Bell Cambridge before I fell in love with everything and decided to go. Best decision I’ve ever made!
Courtyard in the centre of Bell Cambridge

Course overview

On this course, you will:

  • Improve your subject-level knowledge and understanding to NQF Level 3 (UK National Qualifications Framework)
  • Become a confident English language communicator (to at least B2 or IELTS 5.5)
  • Learn critical academic language and study skills and assessment techniques
  • Gain experience using a range of learning technologies
  • Receive personalised, impartial guidance and support on your choice of course and university
  • Strengthen your skills as an independent learner with experience of various assessment methods

Course components

Weekly hours


Understand the human world.

Humanities is a wide ranging subject. Your modules will help to develop your understanding and knowledge in your chosen subjects:

  • Economics OR Sociology
  • Politics OR Economics
  • Media Studies OR Law

You can either pre-select your modules or we can advise you with options that would suit your career path during your induction week.

Students sitting in a circle in class


Develop your skills toolkit.

Study skillsYou will develop advanced study skills to help you perform your best when asked to complete tasks, assignments and exams at university. These may also be different to skills you have learned in your own country, so we will support you to learn, practise and master how to gain high marks at university-level.

Preparing for IELTSOur teachers have extensive experience with IELTS exams. You will get intensive preparation for your IELTS so you can successfully achieve your desired score (at least 5.5) and get entry to your degree programme at university.


Prepare to succeed.

Visitor speaker programmeExperience university-style lectures and workshops in business, delivered by experts in their field.

University applications supportReceive individual support and advice throughout your university application process, from our dedicated and experienced counselling service.

Supported self-studyYou will have supported self-study sessions each week with tutors available to work with you on any aspects of the course that you find challenging.

TutorialsYou will have a 1-to-1 tutorial each week with your academic skills tutor to discuss your progress, receive guidance and ask any questions you may have.

Students meeting universities at Bell

Subject modules

You will develop your specialist understanding and knowledge through your subject modules.

You will be able to: understand key concepts and theories, expand on your subject-related vocabulary, and improve your abilities to analyse and interpret information and communicate ideas effectively.

Download Subject Modules Factsheet

Your modules include:



    Build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge for the study of economics at a higher level. You will learn about the core elements of micro and macro economics and learn concepts and terminology that are central to the study of this subject.



    Gain a fundamental understanding of key concepts and theories involved in the sociology discipline. You will explore a range of societies in the world and strengthen your understanding of sociological and cultural issues



    Prepare for a politics or international relations degree and gain a good understanding of the system of politics and government in the UK, as well as the wider links to Europe and the wider world. Learn to communicate your ideas about the UK political system and discuss different perspectives.


    Media Studies

    Gain the knowledge and skills to investigate and discuss the role of media, communication and culture in the world. You will understanding the theoretical underpinning of key concepts and analyse these using practical examples and case studies.



    Understand the English legal system and develop a well-rounded view of the legal world. Examine key areas of criminal and civil law and the importance of English and American law in global commerce. You will take a problem-solving approach to law through case studies and evaluating current legal issues.

Sample timetable


Student Progression

Track record of success

We are proud of our excellent track record with Bell students progressing to top universities for their subject area in the UK or beyond.

We can also guarantee, on successful completion of the Bell University Foundation programme, that you will be offered a place on an undergraduate degree course at a university in the UK.

Bell students got offers from 8 of the top 10 universities for criminology
All our 2018/19 students passed their Foundation programme
Last year, 86% of all Foundation students received offers from top 30 UK universities
Bell students got offers from 10 of the top 20 universities for journalism

Our course includes

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