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Expert teaching in the 21st century (Online)

Learn different teaching methods and learning activities to foster 21st century skills among your students in your classroom.
Teacher talking to another teacher trainee


You are a powerful force on student outcomes.

We believe an expert teacher is an agent of outstanding learning and achievement. This course will develop your understanding of key teaching methods and learning activities that work best as you continue your professional development to become an expert practitioner.

Using modern research findings, we encourage you to reflect on how you can better support your learners to acquire the skills they need in the 21st century.

Alongside the course content, you also have the option of joining afternoon workshops and talks related to current ideas and trends in the sector.

Minimum age
Minimum language level
Upper Intermediate B2
Course start dates
11 July 2021
25 July 2021
Course length
2 weeks
Option 1: £200/week
Option 2: £250/week
Option 3: £50/week
Poom Thailand
I think Bell is special because it is so well-organised, with special staff and the courses cover everything. When I get back to Thailand I will make activities for students and be able to talk about British culture from direct experience.
Sergio Spain
I've really enjoyed the atmosphere here, you get the chance to mingle with lots of teachers from around the world. It's very rewarding and interesting to exchange different points of view
Carla Brazil
At Bell, I found a really deep cultural learning environment which made me excited to go back to work and put it all into practice! As teachers, we have to keep learning so we can engage our students and teach more effectively

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Course overview

On this course, you will:

  • Discover new developments – based on current evidence-based educational research – of what works in schools to improve students’ and teachers’ learning
  • Learn to trigger changes in the quality of teaching, leading to improved learning outcomes within your educational organisations
  • Understand how to apply key principles of expert teaching in the classroom
  • Recognise how to be responsive to social, linguistic and cultural diversity;
  • Know how to address the needs of individual learners, including those with learning difficulties, disabilities and the gifted and talent
  • Continue to develop your English language competencies


Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for practising teachers who want to take their teaching to the next level or educational leaders, quality assurance inspectors, teacher trainers and experienced senior teachers who want to become expert teachers of English or teach other teachers how to become an expert teacher. All participants must be working in secondary, tertiary or other adult context and have an Upper Intermediate (B2) language level, at a minimum.

Topics covered:

Each course we run is tailored by our expert tutors to the professional needs and priorities of the participants so content may be adapted to best suit the needs of your group.

Evidence-based teaching research
Teaching methods and learning activities
Identifying and communicating learning outcomes
Effective feedback and questioning
Self- and Peer-assessment
Active learning
Mastery learning
Meta-cognition and self-regulation
Effective classroom behaviour interventions
Cooperative learning

Sample timetable


Online teaching timetable

Course dates

DELTA online learning


11 July 2021 - 24 July 2021
DELTA online learning


25 July 2021 - 07 August 2021

Our course includes

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Adrian Underhill facilitating teacher training

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