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Agricultural Science University Foundation

Agricultural students working in laboratory

Become a pioneer for the future. 

Do you have a vision for a more sustainable future? The continual increase in the global population with limited sustainable solutions for food provision, means we are heading towards a global crisis. The agricultural industry needs fresh problem-solvers with a thirst for change and making a difference – think that could be you?

Our Agricultural Science University Foundation Programme combines innovative theory of sustainable methods for international agriculture, with practical laboratory experiments and farm visits.

With options for intermediate and proficient English speakers, this extensive foundation programme will give you the tools you need to not only get into university, but to thrive in your degree once you get there.


Minimum age
Min. language level
Intermediate B1
Entry requirements
4.5 in all four areas
Maximum class size
Weekly hours
21 hours
Course start date
25 September 2023
Course length
3 terms (36 weeks)
Bell Cambridge
Sandro Italy
Sandro, Italy
Business Foundation

Cass Business School, London
I loved the school, the atmosphere, how professional it is. My University Foundation prepared me to study and work in a very international and diverse environment. I would recommend Bell to anyone!
Jieyin China
Jieyin, China
Humanities Foundation

University of Westminster
My English was not good enough to keep pace with university studies. The course here is totally different to what I have done in China. Bell helped me connect with the university and learn what they expect.
Yaltah Germany
Yaltah, Germany
Humanities Foundation

Lancaster University
I love this school, my friends and everything about Cambridge too! I won’t forget my time here. When I visited Bell Cambridge before I fell in love with everything and decided to go. Best decision I’ve ever made!

Course overview

On this course, you will:

  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of business to NQF Level 3
    (UK National Qualifications Framework)
  • Become a confident English language communicator (to at least C1 or IELTS 6.5)
  • Develop vital critical thinking skills when analysing current agricultural concepts and methods
  • Learn effectively and conform to established academic practice on undergraduate degree programmes
  • Learn to present coherent, evidence-based arguments and expressing opinion
  • Strengthen your skills as an independent learner with experience of various assessment methods

Course components


Broaden your knowledge.

Our subject modules will not only help you develop a solid foundation of understanding and knowledge in the field of agriculture, but they will also open doors to careers in other related industries. The modules are divided into the following core subjects:

  • Agricultural Science
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Economics (only for students not taking Academic Skills)

You will also have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into agri-business and farming methods with our behind-the-scene tours of farms and agri-businesses around the UK.

Student doing calculations on whiteboard
Man taking notes on tablet device

Develop your skills toolkit.

Available for students who have come from a non-English speaking education, this module will give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed at an English-speaking university.

Study skillsYou will develop advanced study skills to help you perform your best when asked to complete tasks, assignments and exams at university. These may also be different to skills you have learned in your own country, so we will support you to learn, practise and master how to gain high marks at university-level.

Preparing for IELTSOur teachers have extensive experience with IELTS exams. You will get intensive preparation for your IELTS so you can successfully achieve your desired score (at least 6.5) and get entry to your degree programme at university.


Prepare to succeed.

University applications supportReceive individual support and advice throughout your university application process, from our dedicated and experienced counselling service.

Supported self-studyYou will have supported self-study sessions each week with tutors available to work with you on any aspects of the course that you find challenging.

TutorialsYou will have a 1-to-1 tutorial each week with your academic skills tutor to discuss your progress, receive guidance and ask any questions you may have.

Bell pre-undergraduate student visiting university
University lecture to Bell students
Guest speaker programme

Hear from international experts. 

Gain valuable insights from a range of ‘agri-experts’ at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. Prepare to be inspired in these thought-provoking university-style lectures and workshops, including talks from:

  • SpaceXarch – Life on Mars: the design of habitats for NASA for MARS, and Space Agritecture
  • Urban Crop Solutions –  Meeting demand in a changing world: growing food with 90% less water, and year-round cropping
  • Hexafly – Creating a buzz: insect farming for animal consumption and as an alternative protein source for fish
  • Fooditive –  Waste Not: the upcycling of misshaped and leftover fruit into added value products



Be the best you can be.

The subject modules will be assessed through a combination of coursework and 2-hour examinations, moderated by the University of Essex.

In addition to the IELTS test in the final exam, your academic skills will be assessed through 70% coursework (including group presentations, essays and a research project) and 30% examinations,

You must achieve an overall score of 40% or above to pass the course. And on successful completion, you are awarded a Bell Foundation certificate and offered a guaranteed place at a UK university.

Masters preparation

Subject modules

You will develop a solid foundation of agricultural understanding and knowledge through your subject modules.

You will be able to: understand key concepts and theories, expand on your agriculture-related vocabulary, improve your abilities to critically analyse and interpret information, and communicate ideas effectively.

Download subject modules factsheet

Your modules include:


    Agricultural Science

    Explore how key areas relating to agriculture, such as biotechnology, genetics, soil management and agribusiness, can be used solve the problems presented by current farming methods around the world. This module will provide a details understanding of agricultural methods and concepts, and will encourage you to think 'outside the box' when solving current global issues in agriculture.



    Enhance your existing foundation of skills and knowledge for the study of mathematics at a higher level. This module will apply key areas of mathematics and statistics to a range of real-world situations in agriculture.



    Develop a broader understanding of chemistry by studying topics such as physical, organic and inorganic, and kinetics, and explore how these can be applied to agriculture. This module combines practical experiments with problem-solving seminars and tutorial-based theory.


    Economics (optional)

    Only available for students who do not need the Academic Skills module, this module will focus on key vocabulary and applications of Economics, such as micro and macro-economics, in areas of agriculture such as agri-business.

Sample timetable


UFP sample timetable term 1

Student Progression

Track record of success

We are proud of our excellent track record with Bell students progressing to top universities for their subject area in the UK or beyond. On successful completion of the Bell University Foundation programme, you will be guaranteed a place at a university in the UK.

The programme can also open up a range of career opportunities on a local, national and international level. Graduates from agricultural science or related degrees go into a wide variety of sectors, including business, engineering, science, agriculture and even journalism.

Last year, 86% of all Foundation students received offers from top 30 UK universities
We guarantee progression for all successful Bell students into a UK university
Bell students have got offers from 15 of the top 30 universities for biosciences
All of our UFP students passed their Foundation programme in 2019/20

Our course includes

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