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Academic writing for university (Online)

Student collaborating on online English course


Start your pathway to success at university. 

A recent survey led by a leading UK university identified the interrelated skills of writing and reasoning as the two most important skills for success at university. When asked which skills students most often lacked, writing was again at the top of the list.

This course is the perfect introduction to different approaches to academic writing at university – including assignments like essay writing, reports, literature reviews, and short answer assignments.

This two-week online course will not only provide an overview of the tools you need to get into your chosen university, but give you a good understanding of what it takes to achieve success during your studies and final thesis or research project.


Minimum age
Minimum language level
Upper Intermediate B2 (IELTS 5.5 or equivalent)
Maximum class size
Weekly hours
15 hours
Course length
2 weeks
Course start date
11 January 2021
22 February 2021

Course overview

On this course, you will:

  • Strengthen your knowledge of academic vocabulary and fluency
  • Learn how to effectively approach different academic writing assignments, including essay writing, reports, literature reviews and short answer assignments
  • Critically analyse academic argument and express opinions tactfully in your writing
  • Develop your understanding of how to appropriately Harvard reference and cite your academic sources
  • Gain expert insight into writing for academic exams

Who is this for?

This is an ideal for students aspiring to study at university – at both undergraduate or postgraduate level. Students should have Upper Intermediate B2 language level and an interest in developing their academic writing skills to help them excel at university and stand out from the crowd.

University lecture to Bell students

Develop your skills toolkit.

Studying at university will be incredibly rewarding. Prepare for different styles of assessment and academic research by strengthening your advanced-level academic language skills.

You will learn key writing techniques to effectively tackle exam questions or coursework essays – as well as develop proper referencing skills.

You will get an overview of the advanced study skills that are needed to help you perform your best when asked to complete tasks, assignments and exams at university. These may also be different to skills you have learned in your own country, so we will support you to understand how to implement basic techniques to help you gain high marks at university-level.

Topics covered:

Your course will be tailored to focus on the specific needs and priorities of the group so content may be adapted to best suit your and the group.

Essay preparation and writing
Academic vocabulary and fluency
Sentence structure and paragraph use
Expressing powerful opinion and argument
Referencing and citation
Communication and teamwork
Writing for projects presentations
Literature review and academic material
Report writing style and structure
Critical writing and evaluation
Writing for academic exams
Communicating with others online

Upcoming dates

DELTA online learning


11 January 2021 - 22 January 2021
DELTA online learning


22 February 2021 - 05 March 2021

Our course includes

Sample timetable


University preparation online course sample timetable

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Student collaborating on online English course

Academic writing for university (Online)

11 January 2021 | 22 February 2021
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  • Strengthen academic vocabulary and fluency
  • Understand critical reasoning and writing
  • Analyse academic arguments and express opinions
Student on Bell Online on his iPad

Research skills for university (Online)

25 January 2021 | 8 March 2021
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  • Identify different approaches to research
  • Analyse literature and identify research gaps
  • Understand a range of research methods
Student collaborating with others to practise English

Critical thinking for university (Online)

8 February 2021 | 22 March 2021
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  • Use evidence to build arguments and ideas
  • Present your views clearly and tactfully
  • Reflect on your assumptions, beliefs and values