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June 2018
Teaching at Bell is excellent and results in high levels of student progress. Teachers are experienced, well-qualified and have excellent subject knowledge.
Yuka Japan
The Bell team are really kind and they are always there to support you. You don't just learn English in the classroom, there are lots of opportunities to learn outside of the class also!
Sultan Saudi
Saudi Arabia
Before I came to Bell, I couldn't speak English. After 5 months, I can use English and I'm improving every day. I've never experienced lessons like this, they are interactive and feature lots of fun activities.
Colleen Taiwan
The best thing about Bell is that the teachers take time to help you when you don't understand and they make you feel important. Studying here is really special.
Jing China
Jing Xu
Every teacher is very kind and helpful. They taught me that when I am confident in myself I can speak English very well. I met many friends who message me on Instagram in English, so it's good practice!

What is your learning goal?

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learning the bell way

An integrated approach to language learning.

On all our courses, we design individual study plans – using the six principles of The Bell Way – to help you maximise your time at Bell and achieve your learning goals.

Our international student community thrives when students feel safe and supported throughout their experience at Bell. We provide an outstanding level of care to students. Your well-being will always be our top priority.

Why study with Bell?

Here are just a few reasons why we think Bell is the right school for you.

  • Track record of success

    We are proud to be recognised as the top 2% of UK language schools for our adult language courses, based on our latest British Council inspection in 2018. Our latest Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) report also rated our schools as “excellent” – noting that our “teaching is excellent and results in high levels of student progress.”

    This is a testament to the quality of the overall student experience we provide, including strengths in:

    • Teaching
    • Course design
    • Learning resources
    • Care of students
    • Care of under 18s
    • Premises and facilities
    • Accommodation
    • Leisure opportunities
    • Academic staff profile
  • Our students are individuals

    At Bell, we get to know our students as individuals. We will always take time to understand your learning capabilities, the ways you like to learn, and your strengths as well as your difficulties.

    But we do more than that. We are interested in getting to know the real you – your individual interests, your hobbies, your stories from back home and your ambitions for the future.

    You are an individual. And we would be honoured to welcome you to the Bell family.

  • Teaching expertise

    All our permanent teachers are Delta-qualified – this means they have achieved the most advanced level practical teaching qualification for English language teachers.

    We are also dedicated to continually innovating and improving how we teach. All our teachers are encouraged to innovate their teaching practice and methodologies through classroom research, and as a result, some of our teachers have become published authors and are invited to speak an international, industry-leading education events – including the high-profile IATEFL in UK.

  • Free excursions and trips

    Students have access to a full calendar of activities, local excursions, and full day trips to UK towns and cities at no extra cost. We call this your ‘Learning in Action’ programme.

    All you have to do is book onto the events you would like to participate in! It is a fantastic way to practise your language skills, travel to new places and experience new things, and meet new friends at the school.

  • Outstanding student care

    We offer a high standard of support and care for all our students, this was noted as a strength in our latest British Council inspection in 2018.

    • Our Student Services team offer advice and counselling in full confidence.
    • Under 18s have regular meetings with our team to discuss their experience
    • Trained first aid staff members throughout the school
    • Dedicated  Higher Education Advisory Service to help with applying to a UK university
  • Learning the Bell Way

    Each student’s learning is guided by the 6 principles of The Bell Way. A learning approach model that we developed alongside an Emeritus Professor from the University of Cambridge.

    The Bell Way is core to everything we do at Bell, enhancing student’s progress and success in achieving their goals.

  • Group specialists

    We have a successful track record of taking the bespoke needs of our clients to coordinate or design and deliver courses that exceed their expectations. We deliver measurable outcomes and a memorable experience for all our adult groups.

Key facts and figures (2019)

We welcomed students from 93 different countries
Bell is in top 2% of English language schools in the UK
strengths based on our latest British Council inspection
students were likely or very likely to recommend Bell

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