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Meet the team

Meet our Bell Cambridge team, who are dedicated to making the school a supportive and inspiring learning environment. 

Silvana Richardson, Head of Teacher Development

Silvana Richardson, Head of Teacher Development

Silvana has worked in English language teaching for over 25 years. She holds an MA in Teacher Education, is PGCE and Delta qualified and has trained teachers all over the world. Silvana is the Director of Studies for Bell Teacher Campus and the Course Director for the Bell Online Delta. Silvana writes teacher training materials for the Bell Delta and Cambridge English Teacher and recently received a standing ovation for her plenary at IATEFL UK, an industry-leading teaching conference.



Jill Coleman, Team Leader

Jill Coleman, Learning and Teaching Manager

Jill has been with Bell since 2008. She started as a teacher before moving into academic management in her role as Team Leader. Jill became Learning and Teaching Manager in January 2017 and is now responsible for managing the day-to-day running of Bell's academic programmes.

"I love working at Bell because of its happy atmosphere. Both staff and students are very friendly, and everyone receives a warm welcome.”

Rachael Oliver, Deputy Teaching and Learning Manager

Rachael Oliver, Deputy Learning and Teaching Manager

Rachael has been working in EFL since 2009 as a teacher and manager. She has been the Deputy Learning and Teaching Manager since early 2017. Rachael supports teachers and works to ensure students are happy with their courses at Bell.

“Every day at Bell is different! Our teachers and students make the school a wonderful place to work, and I enjoy helping ensure their experiences are positive."

Rose Ng, Academic Administrator

Rose Ng, Academic Administrator

A qualified secondary school teacher, Rose has been with Bell for seven years. Her main role is to provide academic support to teachers and students at Bell Cambridge.

"There is a great sense of community at Bell. I am happy to answer any questions and will always do my best to make sure that enquirers are pointed in the right direction."

Ken Bateup, Teacher Mentor

Ken Bateup, Teacher Mentor

With a background in primary school teaching, Ken has a wealth of teaching experience. He currently teaches on our Effective English, Business English and Exam Preparation courses, and regularly writes learning resources for the Bell website.

"Bell students are hard-working, focused and fun to be with."

Tina Bollerslev. Teacher mentor

Tina Bollerslev, Teacher Mentor

Tina has been with Bell for over 11 years, and has taught all levels and exam classes during her time with us. 

"I love teaching Cambridge English: First (FCE) because it’s a fun course offering a large range of skills." 

Chris Edgoose

Chris Edgoose, Advanced Practitioner

Chris has been teaching in the EFL industry for 20 years and has spent 15 of them at Bell. He currently teaches on our Exam Preparation and Effective English courses. 

“I love meeting people from around the world and helping them get better at communicating with one another."



Anna Evans, Teacher Trainer

Anna Evans, Teacher Trainer

Before joining Bell 7 years ago, Anna taught in the EFL industry in Spain and Australia. She is also a fully-qualified primary school teacher.

"I particularly like the fact that our students come from all over the world from a variety of backgrounds and that our students tend to be well- motivated."


Clare Henderson, Teacher Trainer

Clare Henderson, Teacher Trainer

Clare joined Bell in 1994 and has taught both adult learners and teachers during her time with us. 

"I love teaching Cambridge English: First (FCE) classes and the overseas teachers courses on Contemporary English, Creativity and Methodology."

Anne Matthews, Teacher Mentor

Anne Matthews,Teacher Mentor

Anne has been a teacher for over 30 years and is currently teaching on our Exam Preparation courses and Academic Skills on our University Foundation Programme. 

"It is a really rewarding feeling to be able to work with students who are preparing for life at University in the UK.”

Emily Glover, Enrichment Programme Coordinator

Emily Glover, Enrichment Programme Coordinator

Emily runs the Language in Action (LIA) programme here at Bell, offering a range of activities, workshops and trips to help further your English outside of the classroom. If you want to try anything from Afternoon Tea to taking a trip to the zoo, the Activity Zone is where you need to go!

“The best bit about my job is that is it basically just to have fun! All the students bring something new with them, so it’s me who ends up learning too.”

Kathryn Kelly, Senior Accommodation Officer

Kathryn Kelly, Senior Accommodation Officer

Students studying at Bell Cambridge and Bell London benefit from having a dedicated accommodation team. Senior Accommodation Officer, Kathryn has been with Bell since 2000 and goes the extra mile to ensure students are happy in their chosen accommodation. 

"It’s wonderful to see progression in our students – both in confidence and use of English. Our host families help with students’ development, encouraging them to practise their English at home."

Sarah Pettit, University Counselling Manager

Sarah Pettit, University Counselling Manager

Sarah manages the free and impartial Higher Education Advisory Service at Bell Cambridge. Before joining Bell 8 years ago, Sarah worked in international student recruitment and advice at universities in Cambridge and London. Sarah helps our students to select the best course and university, and guides them through every stage of the application process. 

"One of the most important aspects of my role is to help students identify the right university for them to reach their potential. I pride myself on the independent, impartial advice service that we offer at Bell."