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Why pronunciation teaching doesn’t work and how to fix it [Free webinar]

Written by Adrian Underhill
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Perhaps it’s a challenging and confronting title. But in my view, pronunciation teaching doesn’t work because for 50 years the approach has been essentially cognitive.

This may be fine for learning grammar and vocabulary but pronunciation is muscular, like a subtle version of learning to dance. And the mastering of such physicality does not lend itself to the written word, or to course books… neither does learning to dance.

In this webinar, we will explore a proprioceptive approach to awareness and the physical skill of making new sounds, and to the distribution of energy across connected speech.

All this with a focus on personal expression and speaking from the heart, while taking account of the new reality of online teaching.

The hope is that it will enrich your view of pronunciation teaching and help you in a practical way by offering a new perspective.

FREE webinar

Why pronunciation teaching doesn’t work and how to fix it

Develop your pronunciation teaching practice and watch our free webinar.

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Written by Adrian Underhill, Teacher Trainer
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