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What had 8 legs and made girls scream?

Written by the Bell Team

The Beatles - A history of the band and their music

Well, do you feel like screaming? No? Oh well, it doesn’t work on everyone, but these four chaps had an incredible effect on people in the past. Have a look at this video of a crowd going crazy. Be warned that the crowd’s reaction was extreme; some of the people even passed out.




The story of the Beatles kicked off in the late 50s, with a group a young friends meeting up to play at being a band. By 1960 the band had got together officially under the name The Beatles. Soon afterwards they were one of the biggest, most well known bands in the world. The reaction people had to the band quickly picked up the name ‘Beatle-mania’, and as you saw in the video, people really were crazy about them.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr toured the world, selling records and winning awards. Three of the members of the band even received MBEs from the Queen! 
The band wrote many of the most successful songs of all time before they broke up in 1970, and even after that they each brought out solo albums. You have probably heard many of their song before, maybe without even knowing it.

Even though the relationship between the band members broke down, The Beatles are remembered as music legends, and leave current bands a lot to live up to.

Key vocabulary




To go crazy     

To be affected by madness / become insane 

I went crazy listening to that awful music

To pass out

To lose consciousness

I passed out after dinner because I was very tired

To kick off

To begin / start

I kicked off the day with a strong cup of tea!

To play at

To pretend to be something

I played at being a writer for the day but I wasn’t very good at it.

To get together      

To form a group

We got together to discuss how we can improve our songs!


A kind of madness / an excessive enthusiasm

Look at all the girls screaming for the Beatles, its mania!


A British title awarded by the Queen (Member of the British Empire)

They have been awarded an MBE

To break up

To end a relationship / to separate

I can’t believe Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson have broken up,  I thought they made such a lovely couple!

To bring out

To produce or publish a piece of media

They are bringing out a film next week, maybe we should go and see it!

To break down

To stop working

My car has broken down

To live up to

To prove that one is equal to something

The Beatles were so good, how can anyone live up to them?

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Written by the Bell Team,
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