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What goes bump in the night?

Written by the Bell Team

A guide to Cambridge at night

After a long day of work (and learning English is hard work, I know) we all want to unwind. But as the days get shorter and it gets dark earlier, we need something to keep us entertained in the evenings.

Pub Culture

It’s well known that the English like a drink or two, but rather than heading to a club for expensive drinks and deafening music, why not visit one of Cambridge’s local pubs? That is, if you can chose which to visit there are over 100 after all.

Cambridge pub guide

Cambridge Leisure Park

Just down the road from Bell is the Cambridge leisure park. You could have dinner with your friends at a restaurant or a buffet or you could go bowling. You could even watch a movie, and seeing as they’re in English, it’ll be great practise.

Cambridge leisure guide


Cambridge is a great place to experience British culture and visiting the theatre is a great thing to do in the evening. Why not head down to the Cambridge arts theatre and watch a play. You could also head to the ADC theatre, which is the University of Cambridge theatre.

ADC Theatre

ARTS Theatre

Other Entertainment

Not into traditional theatre? Well, why not check out the Corn Exchange or the Junction to see some live music, a comedy show or one of a variety of other live performance

Cambridge Corn Exchange

The Junction

The fright’s not over yet

Hallowe’en might be over, but if you still feel like a fright you could always go on one of Cambridge’s ghost tours. There’s one every Friday at 1800.

Key Vocabulary




To unwind

To relax

I need to unwind after a hard day at work

To head to    

To go to

I plan to head to London next weekend


A game in which you try to knock down pins with a heavy ball

I went bowling last night

A variety      

A selection of different things

I play a variety of sports

To be over   

To be finished

The game is over now and we won!

There are so many things to do in Cambridge in the evening without going into a club or a bar, so why not try a few and see what you think. This is just a small selection, if you find out about something else; why not tell us about it on our Facebook page.

Written by the Bell Team,
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