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Utku's Bell Story

The Bell Team
Written by the Bell Team

Originally planning to study with Bell for 3 months, Utku left Bell Cambridge after nearly a year.

Find out what motivated him to study at Bell, his time here and his plans for the future.

Utku head and shoulder shot

Originally from Turkey Utku now lives in the North of Cyprus. A rugby player in Cyprus, he played amongst an international team and would communicate in basic English with his team-mates.

“I was saying ‘pass me’, in the team but when I came here I learn how to communicate with other people, daily conversations, and also having an English girlfriend so I can communicate with her”.

His grandad encouraged him to travel to England to learn English, “millions/billions of people speak English, so communication is by English throughout the world”.

Utku was originally planning to study at Bell for 3 or 6 months but following a conversation with one of the teachers he ended up staying for nearly a year. “When I came here, I met with Ken…he stayed with me in the library…and we were speaking about everything – he had me really interested in England and studying here.”

And that was nearly a year ago.  “I met with a lot of good people here, staff and my friends are amazing…I will miss them all”.

But he’ll be back at Bell in September, returning to study on our University Foundation Pathway programme, to help him reach his goal of studying in psychology in the UK.

“I would like to be an Academic psychologist in University one day, I would like to be a teacher in University”.

But coming back to today and his time of Bell, something must have inspired him to stay her for longer than planned, “all the teachers are amazing, friends – I can’t say one thing”.

Another draw to Bell for Utku was Cambridge itself, well-known for its University and College’s, which makes it in his opinion “the best educational city in the world”.

The Bell Team
Written by the Bell Team,
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