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"End of" – Phrase of the week

6 December 2012

This week we explain the phrase "end of". This is often heard in conversational English, particularly within informal chat between friends.

Global theatre

Global theatre

3 December 2012

Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre in London - an introduction to the passive tense

To "keep [someone] in the loop" – Phrase of the week

19 November 2012

This week we explain the phrase "to "keep [someone] in the loop". 

/I:/ /tI:/ phoneme – E.T. The extraterrestrial EFL Student

13 November 2012

E.T. is a film about a small alien who gets stranded on Earth. 

Shaken not stirred

Shaken not stirred

9 November 2012

A look at the James Bond films and how they have changed.

I used to know a guy

1 November 2012

A look at the origins of firework night and how it has changed.

"Scraping the barrel" – Phrase of the week

26 October 2012

The English language has a large number of strange sayings that are commonly used in everyday life. 

Learn a language – and become smarter!

16 October 2012

Good news for anyone learning a second language.

"Touch base" – Phrase of the week

9 October 2012

Common English saying and phrases explained to help you understand the language a little better!

"To be / live on another planet" – phrase of the week

3 October 2012

Let us help you to develop your English vocabulary. 

Has Britain got talent?

25 September 2012

If you watch Saturday night TV in the UK your answer might be YES or NO.