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What had 8 legs and made girls scream?

What had 8 legs and made girls scream?

10 December 2012

The Beatles - A history of the band and their music

"End of" – Phrase of the week

6 December 2012

This week we explain the phrase "end of". This is often heard in conversational English, particularly within informal chat between friends.

Global theatre

Global theatre

3 December 2012

Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre in London - an introduction to the passive tense

To "keep [someone] in the loop" – Phrase of the week

19 November 2012

This week we explain the phrase "to "keep [someone] in the loop". 

/I:/ /tI:/ phoneme – E.T. The extraterrestrial EFL Student

13 November 2012

E.T. is a film about a small alien who gets stranded on Earth. 

Shaken not stirred

Shaken not stirred

9 November 2012

A look at the James Bond films and how they have changed.

I used to know a guy

1 November 2012

A look at the origins of firework night and how it has changed.

"Scraping the barrel" – Phrase of the week

26 October 2012

The English language has a large number of strange sayings that are commonly used in everyday life. 

Learn a language – and become smarter!

16 October 2012

Good news for anyone learning a second language.

"Touch base" – Phrase of the week

9 October 2012

Common English saying and phrases explained to help you understand the language a little better!

"To be / live on another planet" – phrase of the week

3 October 2012

Let us help you to develop your English vocabulary.