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New Bell brand featured in Study Travel

The Bell Team
Written by the Bell Team

Bell features in Study Travel Magazine earlier this month, a leading industry publication for agents.

The redesign includes an updated logo, colour palette, iconography and typeface with new imagery and design elements, the organisation said.

In a statement, Bell said, “For a business that champions ambition, transformational learning and global connection, the redesign brings modern, contemporary thinking to the fore while still honouring its rich history and culture.”


New Bell Logo

Explaining the new design, Catrin Diamantino, Chief Executive at Bell, said, “Broken down into its elements, the design is led by a crown that is symbolic of empowerment, excellence and the quality-oriented vision of the Bell brand; alongside this, a shield-like shape or coat of arms that pays tribute to our heritage.”

The centre of the design features a bell, in reference to Frank Bell, a University of Cambridge graduate who established he school in 1955, but also signifying freedom and expression, the organisation said.

Catrin continued, “The redesign is also an ode to the incredible impact of learning. The use of stylistic waves that reverberate from the bell mirrors the ripple effect that our educational and social programmes have on transforming people’s lives through the English language.”


Bell heritage mark

Frank Pinner, Principal at Bell Cambridge, said, “We recognise that our learners are always striving to better themselves, surpass expectations, and achieve success – whatever that might be for them. We hope the new brand encourages learners to see us as an organisation that is here to continually help them succeed throughout their lives, whenever they’re ready to take that next step.”

The new brand [was] showcased along with a new portfolio at the ICEF Berlin conference next week.

Bell  operates year-round schools in Cambridge, St Albans and London, as well as young learner summer programmes. 


The Bell Team
Written by the Bell Team,
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