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Meet our University Foundation Pathways Class 2017-2018

Written by the Bell Team

We said an emotional goodbye to our University Foundation Programme (UFP) class 2017-2018 in June, but before they left we spoke to them about their time at Bell, and what the future holds.

To begin with, tell us about your experience at Bell English.

Yaltah, Germany: Amazing I would say, I love this school, my friends and everything! I won’t forget this time.

Ludmilla, Belgium: I really enjoyed my time here as I met lots of people.

Marion, Belgium: Yes, I’ve really enjoyed it as well; meeting new people and the city as well.

Zoe, Belgium: Me too. I enjoyed this year at Bell and made some new friends. I also improved my English.

Jieyin, China: It was nice. I came here in July for two weeks English study and then I decided to do the Foundation Course. I knew there was a foundation course, but my parents wanted me [get] some experience first and then I decided [to do the foundation course]. I think the course here is totally different to what I have done before, as we have more time to organise the study yourself.

Joey, Hong Kong: It’s really nice and you make lots of friends here, and it’s a very nice place in Cambridge.


UFP Class 2017-2018 class photo


Why did you choose to study with Bell?

Yaltah: My Mum has a friend who came here 30 years ago, and we came [to visit Bell] two years ago in the summer. I fell in love with everything and decided to go. Best decision I’ve ever made!

Zoe: My sister did it three years ago. It’s the experience to be prepared for University I think is important, even if I want to go back to Belgium.

Jieyin: I was thinking about going to University in China, but one of my friends recommended Bell – she said it was a good school in the UK for International students.

Daniele, Italy: I knew that this was a really good school, so I looked at the quality of the teaching. I found the teachers, (I’m studying English, Business Studies, Economics and Maths), all of them, really good.

Ludmilla: I really wanted to discover England, towns such as London, Cambridge and Oxford which are interesting. Bell is good, as it was a way to improve my English, but also learn vocabulary for future use such as in business, Economics and Maths. I figured it was a good way to do everything at the same time.

Where did you visit in England?

Ludmilla: Yes, [from] London to Brighton to Oxford and Stonehenge and so on. They were really nice trips.


Did you use our University Counselling Service?

Jieyin: Sarah [Pettit, Bell’s University Counselling Manager] helped a lot because the Universities asked for more information or documents from my High School, and the teachers really helped me, and she [Sarah] helped me connect with the University and what they really want.

Daniele: I think it was really helpful. When I came here in September I didn’t have any idea of where I could have gone for University, so they really helped me to find the perfect type of studies for me and my career. The issue for me was I didn’t know whether to choose Finance, Business and Finance of just Business, as I’ve never studied them before. It really helped me to make a choice.

Do you have any advice for people thinking of studying one our University Foundation Pathways?

Zoe: It’s a good experience, and because we need English, it’s international, and we meet international people. If you’re looking to be prepared for University, it’s very good.

Ludmilla: I would say be open-minded and have interests in different cultures.

Jeiyin: I think coming for a couple of weeks really helped me as I found out more about life in Cambridge and life at Bell. I’d never lived in a homestay before and those two weeks really helped me to know how living in this accommodation is like.

Daniele: Try to be friendly cause everyone is kind with you, in my experience I found a lot of friends.


Where did you all live during your time with us?

Ludmilla: I began in a homestay as I wasn’t 18, but then I moved into Tripos and enjoyed my time there, as I was always with my friends. My homestay was nice too.

Jeiyin: Homestay until I turned 18, then Tripos Court. It was really good [in Tripos Court] as you get to live with your classmates and you meet new people and learn to live, cook and organise yourself. You get to know your classmates better as you cook and live together, it really promotes the friendships.

Marion: I’m in homestay, the family are really nice, I won’t forget them.


UFP silly class photo


And finally, where are you going next?

Ludmilla: Next year I’m going to study International Business in Maastricht, which is taught in English. I might come back to the UK for my Masters

Zoe: I’m going to study communications in Brussels.

Jieyin: I’m going to the University of Westminster for TV production. The Universities would come in to give us a talk and the University of Westminster is a good place for Media.

Marion: Lancaster to do History and International Relations

Yaltah: Lancaster too, to do Film and Philosophy

Daniele: I’m going to City University, London to study Finance.

Joey: I’m staying in the UK and going to Brunel University in London, to study Business Management and Marketing.

What an interesting mix of courses! Good luck to you all on your next adventure.



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Written by the Bell Team,
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