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Life on our Fast-track Business Foundation Course

Written by the Bell Team

Kebe from Mali and Francois from Belgium both studied our Business Fast-track course. Beginning in January the course runs for two terms, graduating at the same time as our other University Pathways students. We spoke to them both about life on the fast-track programme.

Francois recieving his certificate

Tell me about your time at Bell.

Kebe: I enjoyed it because it’s quite a big challenge for me, it was intense [but] it was good.

Francois: For me, I learnt a lot, and improved my English which was the main purpose of coming here. I’m very happy and we learnt a lot of things. I improved my skills in business, and Economics, it’s really nice.

How did you find studying on the fast-track course?

F: It’s of course, intense compared to the other students who have been here since September, as we’ve had to learn the same stuff but in less time. You have to do much more compared to them, but we learnt the same, and there’s no big difference, it’s still the same experience.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of studying on the Fast-track programme?

F: I would say just enjoy it as it’s short time, and it goes very quickly.

K: I think from the beginning you’ve got to be focused. We started in January and there was a lot [to learn[, and you’ve got to be prepared for that.

F: One [piece] of advice for people wanting to do the fast-track is when you have to do something, do it as quickly as possible because a lot of stuff comes next week and if you’re still trying to do the first thing you had to do you will have a lot to do.

K: Every lesson in the fast-track is a big deal. I mean it’s not so good to miss even one lesson.


Kebe receiving his certificate

What made you choose the fast-track over doing the whole year?

F: For me I had school until October in Belgium

K: I was here in August, but I was doing an English course [at Bell]. I wasn’t prepared to start [the Foundation course] in September.

Where are you going on to study?

F: I’m going back to Belgium but in my third year I’m coming back to England, so I really need my English to be good. I’m going to study Business Management.

K: I’m going to London to do a HND in Business Management.

Well done, it sounds like you both put in a lot of hard work. Good luck! 


Interested in studying either a Business or Economics degree at an English speaking University? Our Fast-track Business Foundation course could help you to do that. 

Written by the Bell Team,
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