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Life after the University Foundation: Sandro’s story

Written by the Bell Team

Sandro from Italy tells us about his first year at Cass Business School in London and how the Bell University Foundation Programme changed his future.

Sandro from Italy tells us about his first year at Cass Business School in London and how the Bell University Foundation Programme changed his future.

Sandro, now age 21, graduated with a distinction on the Bell University Business Foundation programme in the summer of 2014. He has now just finished his first year studying Bsc (Hons) Business Studies at Cass Business School, part of City University London. Cass Business School has a fantastic reputation and is ranked first in London and fourth in the UK for Business (The Guardian University Guide 2014).



Sandro returning to Bell Cambridge for a visit


Sandro is excelling in his degree but he says his path to success wasn’t always so clear. He says: “I am so glad I found Bell. In my high school diploma in Italy I got 5% lower than I wanted to and this meant it would have been difficult for me to get a place at a good university. I was down about it but I thought I would come to England to do the IELTS. While at Bell I found out about the University Foundation Programme. ”

“Teaching in the UK is very good quality.  I also wanted to be in the UK because I wanted to study business and English is the language of business. Being in the UK gives you a global overview of the business world.”

“While studying at Bell in Cambridge, I visited London and I knew I wanted to be in the capital city to study business at university. At Cass it’s very professional because we are studying business. If we have guest speakers we have to wear a suit and we have the chance to network with employers. There are so many successful businesses next to the university and you feel part of that.”

“I would not have got into this University without the Bell Foundation Programme. They wouldn’t even have considered me and now I am in the best place for business in London.”

“The foundation course offers an overview of what I am now studying at university. For example, I took the economics module at Bell and I took economics in my first year at university and they were almost exactly the same – I was able to use my notes from Bell to prepare for my final exam!”

Sandro’s latest project at university involved working in teams made up of a CEO, Marketing, HR, Finance and Product Design. Sandro was the CEO. His team won the challenge and came top of the class, making the most profit.

Sandro has gained a place at an Entrepreneur and Innovation summer school in Singapore and an insight day at Morgan Stanley this summer before starting his second year at Cass Business School.

And what is Sandro’s ultimate ambition? “I want to run my own company. I want to be a successful entrepreneur and I already have lots of ideas”.

We’re absolutely sure Sandro will continue on his very successful path and we hope he still has time to visit us. We are now looking forward to welcoming Sandro’s younger brother Daniele, age 17, to Bell this summer!

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Written by the Bell Team,
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